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Just Mobile AluPen Digital Stylus Review

Just Mobile made a lot of headlines when it released its thick pencil-shaped all-aluminum stylus a few years ago. And now the company is following up with its brand new take on the powered and so-called smart stylus market with the AluPen Digital. It's a beautifully designed, super-sensitive aluminum hybrid stylus with an extremely fine tip designed to give you that familiar feeling of using a ball-point pen – only with your tablet or smartphone. And the great thing about the AluPen Digital is that it just works. Straight out of the box. Although it is indeed a powered stylus, there's no Bluetooth pairing or proprietary technology involved to limit its functionality so you can use it with virtually any app that's available for iOS and Android devices. Look for our full review after the jump!

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Just Mobile AluCable, Mini, Twist & Highway Duo, Max Review

In its never ending quest to enhance the mobile user's experience with products that are as elegant and functional as they are convenient, Just Mobile has created a full line dedicated to gadget charging. More specifically, Apple gadgets. The company's new Lightning connector accessories consist of the AluCable, AluCable Mini and AluCable Twist - three slightly different Lightning cables designed to answer specific needs while also boasting a stylish design that is a first in Lightning cable history- tapered anodized aluminum connector ends worthy of Apple's iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.

But that's not all we have our hands on because Just Mobile recently introduced two more stylish, aluminum-clad car chargers to its lineup including the Highway Duo and Highway Max, both featuring USB charging ports with configurations that set them apart from one another - the latter being Android, iOS and Windows Phone friendly. More accessory selection, just for you. Head past the break as we dissect 5 of Just Mobile's latest charging accessories after the cut!

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Just Mobile AluDisc Review

Out of all of Just Mobile's highly polished accessories, the newly released AluDisc strikes us as the most outlandish pieces of Mac accessories we never thought had a place on our desk. This aluminum disc stand has the lowest center of gravity of any stand, but it wasn't designed to elevate your iMac or Apple Display, instead AluDisc is a turntable that can rotate a full 360-degrees giving you the freedom and simplicity of effortlessly swiveling your iMac or Apple Display in its place making sharing what's displayed on your screen to another person a cinch. If tilting your display up and down isn't enough, AluDisc might be just the thing you never thought you needed.

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Just Mobile Gum++ Giveaway!

Low on power? Fret not! We teamed up with Just Mobile for a totally awesome giveaway that involves you guys, and a chance to win one of two Gum++ pico backup batteries designed to quickly energize any smartphone, or other USB-powered devices with a high-powered USB charging port and 6000mAh of battery capacity awesomeness. Jump past the break for details on how you can enter!

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Just Mobile Gum++ Backup Battery Review

For years Just Mobile has been making things out of aluminum, nice and helpful things too. Its aluminum-made rechargeable backup battery packs were and continue to be one of the nicest looking on the market. To grow and improve its line of electricity harnessing banks, Just Mobile's most recent release includes the Gum++ (or Gum Plus Plus), a 6000mAh external backup battery follow-up to the aluminum-made Gum Plus that boasts an ultra-portable form factor that features a high-powered USB output port capable of filling up smartphones, tablets and just about any inanimate object that's got a USB port on it with extended hours of usage.

Redesigned with a hard-wearing ABS plastic shell, the Gum++ is supposedly more durable than its aluminum predecessor and can charge your smartphone up to three times over. As always, we conducted our own testing using multiple devices to find out if any of these claims really stick. Our full review awaits!

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Just Mobile AluFrame Aluminum Bumper Case for iPhone 5 Review

We have always been big fans of aluminum cases ever since the iPhone 4 era, especially bumper style cases. But sometimes the superior designs can never make up for the dismal drop in cellular service most cases delivered. Signal loss has always been a Debbie Downer when it comes to these high quality looking cases. Aluminum bumpers such as the Draco 5 and even the Sector 5 while stunning looking, usually delivered some level of signal loss - some worse than others. Either this occurred or the iPhone couldn't decide if it wanted to stay on 4G or LTE, which in turn would deplete the iPhone's battery.

Well, our friends over at Just Mobile have sent us their latest creation for the iPhone 5, the AluFrame. We were hoping that this gorgeous looking aluminum-made bumper case would bring along functionality and not just frustrations. Jump inside to get a closer look at the AluFrame and see if it lives up to the fascinating design.

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Just Mobile AluCup for iPhone & iPad Review

Need a stand of some kind? Just Mobile is a name you often hear when it comes to stands made out of aluminum and clever design. The company has several options to choose from and its latest includes the AluCup, a compact multi-purpose desktop stand that looks like a fine cup holder but really isn't one. Just Mobile announced the AluCup along with several new products at CES 2013, and now we've got our hands on one of these helpful desk accessories which we have put to the test using all kinds of gadgets. Catch our full review down below!

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Just Mobile HeadStand Review

Believe it or not, but headphone stands is a serious thing amongst audiophile. These platforms of headphone worship come in many shapes, sizes and materials as if headphones were smartphones in need of a flashy case. If you've got an expensive pair of cans lying around, you're just the type of person that would show a keen interest in such a stand. Like the premium look of aluminum? So do we, and we can't think of any other company that can make a headphone stand entirely out of aluminum none other than Just Mobile. These guys live, breath and some might even say snort this stuff 365. Just Mobile's HeadStand is a svelte aluminum stand designed to keep your headphones in the one designated spot they deserve. More after the break!

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