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Just Mobile AluBase Macbook Pro/Air Vertical Stand Review

The award-winning accessory geniuses at Just Mobile are creating Apple accessories that are both simply functional and modernly appealing. Seamlessly integrated with Apple's iconic design, Just Mobile creates high-quality accessories for iPhones, iPads, and Macs alike. The AluBase is a collaboration between Just Mobile and famous Danish designer, Jakob Wagner, for an upright MacBook stand for easy docking whenever you want to set up clamshell mode. With a minimal foot print, this laptop stand will save you desk space and do it with class. Head on past the break for the full  on review. 

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Just Mobile AluPen Pro Stylus Review

I'll be the first to admit it. I don't see the point of a stylus. Why use another extraneous accessory when you can just use one that you will always have with you - your finger. Since the launch of the iPad and other tablets and touch devices, the market for stylus accessories have exploded. A while back we took a look at Just Mobile's first generation AluPen... and we loved it. We return today with the AluPen Pro with some noticeable perks over its predecessor. What kind of upgrades did we find? Check out the review after the jump!

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Just Mobile AluCube With AluPen Stylus Review

After the success of the AluPen stylus, Just Mobile has released the AluCube to accompany its pencil shaped aluminum stylus for capacitive touchscreen tablets. Styluses are fast growing to become one of the more desirable accessories one can get for a large touchscreen tablet such as the iPad. Just Mobile's AluPen has been one of the more unique styluses on the market with its solid aluminum construction and chubby pencil design. Some may find the two be the most useful tools to get the job done while others may point and laugh. 

Whatever the case may be, you may find this particular stylus set to fit in nicely on top of your desk. So jump past the break for the full review!

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Just Mobile Encore Aluminum iPad & iPad 2 Stand Review

We've seen and reviewed a boat load of stands for the iPad and iPad 2. Some made from typical plastic materials while others use more expensive metals. This time we're taking a look at Just Mobile's Encore stand for the iPad and iPad 2. The Encore boasts a circular base made out of solid aluminum with a hinged arm that is angle adjustable. I haven't had much experience with adjustable stands so this is a much welcomed feature to have the ability to adjust your viewing angle. We'll find how just how well the Encore performs as an adjustable stand for the iPad and iPad 2 in the full review right after the cut!

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