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Kogeto Dot 360° Lens Attachment for iPhone 4/S Review

The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are both fantastic tools for photography enthusiasts. And only because the iPhone is widely used, there have been an assortment of accessories that were designed to help create even better photos and videos. It started out with the olloclip, and now Kogeto stepped it up with its Dot. A lens attachment designed to let you capture 360º panoramic video. If that doesn't sound breakthroughly awesome, we don't know what iPhone accessory tops that off. Is the Dot good enough to replace an entire camera crew with a single 360º lens? We've put it thru the test so be sure to check out the full review after the jump!

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OlloClip Lenses for iPhone 4S Review

Smartphone photography is only getting better and better each year with recent smartphone leaders such as the iPhone 4S and its improved 8MP back facing camera, it's no wonder why camera accessories for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are starting to gain speed. Demand is high for external iPhone lenses that can greatly help improve your smartphone photography. The olloclip was created with the tremendous help of Kickstarter funding, and now it's a reality bringing a unique high quality 3-in-1 lens attachment with a clever design. The olloclip has just about all you'll ever need to get some incredibly awesome shots using your iPhone with the ability to shot in wide angle, macro and fisheye.

This might just be the accessory that will make you think twice about carrying a DSLR with you. More after the break!

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