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Just Mobile AluBase Macbook Pro/Air Vertical Stand Review

The award-winning accessory geniuses at Just Mobile are creating Apple accessories that are both simply functional and modernly appealing. Seamlessly integrated with Apple's iconic design, Just Mobile creates high-quality accessories for iPhones, iPads, and Macs alike. The AluBase is a collaboration between Just Mobile and famous Danish designer, Jakob Wagner, for an upright MacBook stand for easy docking whenever you want to set up clamshell mode. With a minimal foot print, this laptop stand will save you desk space and do it with class. Head on past the break for the full  on review. 

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Moku Desktop Chair Wood Stand for MacBook Air & Pro Review

The Japanese sure do love their curves. Moku is a Japanese company that specialises in modern woodcrafting. Bending wood into curvy shapes is what Moku does best. Moku's Desktop Chair will make you think twice about going with the industrial aluminum machined stands that are so readily available and well, are so cold and lifeless to be honest. The Desktop Chair is much more versatile than other stands whilst keeping things simple and as minimal as a piece of white paper. There's more than meets the eye to this compact wood stand though, so jump over the hedge for the full review!

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