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Mobee Magic Feet Wireless Charging Station Review

Inductive charging is a fast growing technology which conveniently solves a gearhead's most critical problem in life, low battery syndrome. Today, we'll be taking another look into wireless charging made possible by a Swiss company called Mobee. The name should sound familiar if you're a Mac user. And although Apple has its own respectable rechargeable battery solution using the old fashioned plug n' charge method to keep its line of wireless input devices up to snuff, it has yet to make the leap forwards with wireless inductive charging like HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and LG have. For a while now, Mobee has been there to fill that void of inductive charging withdrawals with its series of modern wireless inductive chargers.

The latest offering to come out of the land that brought us triangular chocolates, is the Magic Feet. It's Mobee's all-in-one inductive charging station to feature the company's magical Magic Charger and Magic Bar all bundled into one platform of wireless charging goodness, made exclusively for Mac users. How does it all pan out? Find out in our full review after the jump!

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Mobee Magic Numpad for Magic Trackpad Review

What's this sorcery you ask? It's Mobee's third magical offering and the answer to those of you who use a Magic Trackpad, use Apple's Wireless Keyboard and miss the good old days when keyboards came with a numeric keypad. All bad jokes aside, if you're using a well equipped keyboard such as the awesome Logitech K750 wireless solar keyboard that's both Mac and PC compatible, then you're in good hands and already have access to a numpad. Otherwise Mobee's latest, the Magic Numpad, is set to bring you virtual numpad goodness to your Magic Trackpad with a few custom perks. 

You must agree that when it comes to Apple accessories, this innovative Swiss company has some of the most useful products that help make a Mac user's life a heck of a lot more convenient. We loved Mobee's magical inductive chargers - the Magic Charger and Magic Bar that brought effortless wireless charging to the Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad and Wireless Keyboard. Will Mobee hit the spot again with the Magic Numpad? We find out right after the jump!

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Mobee Magic Bar Inductive Charger Review

Mobee was the first to release what was then the world's first ever inductive charger for Apple's Magic Mouse called the Magic Charger, offering quick and easy wireless charging without the hassle of wasting batteries and replacing them every other week. The good news is now Mobee's constant innovative thinking has brought us the Magic Bar. You guess it, it's the world's first inductive charger made to work with the Apple Wireless Keyboard and even the Magic Trackpad. How magical is that? Mobee's wireless charging products have surpassed what was considered to be the pioneer of inductive charging, Powermat.

The Magic Bar sounds like it would be the perfect buddy any Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad user could ever wish for, but is it really all that magical when put to the test? Find out after the break!

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The Mobee Magic Charger Giveaway! 


Gadgetmac and Mobee teamed up to give away 2 Magic Chargers for the Apple Magic Mouse to two lucky winners! Details on how to easily enter are below.

How to enter the giveaway:


Other details:

  • This giveaway is unfortunately only open to the USA
  • If you tweet more than once per day, you will be disqualified 
  • The giveaway ends one week from the date of this post on January 27th

That's it! Good luck!

Update: And we have our winners! @russ_johnson and @almusal are the two winners. Thank you to everyone who entered!


Mobee Magic Charger for Magic Mouse Review

The Magic Mouse loves to munch away on batteries, whether you're using regular or rechargeable batteries, the Magic Mouse is always hungry for power. Don't you wish you had something similar to Powermat's wireless charging solutions to ease your life? Mobee did just that with their Magic Charger exclusively made for Apple's Magic Mouse. Catch the full review right after the break.

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