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NuForce NE-700M Sound-Isolating In-Ear Headphones Review

Oh boy! Our good friends over at NuForce are at it again with a fresh new line of in-ear headphones just in time for the warmer days ahead. It seems NuForce blesses us all with superior products this time a year and it usually brings a smile to our faces. I was fortunate enough to have Nuforce send me out a pair of their latest noise-isolating NE-700M in-ear headphones. Not to be confused with the NE-7M in-ears, but if the 700m are equivalent to the older versions, we are in for a very nice treat. Big sound in a small package is what I am expecting from the 2013 version sent my way for review. What’s fabulous about Nuforce is their price point for these types of in-ear headphones. Coming in at under $80 sounds like a great value to me, so lets get right into this review!

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