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Nocs NS500 Aluminum In-Ear Headphones Review

In the market for a new pair of in-ear headphones under $100? Nocs has got you covered with its most recent offering – the NS500 Aluminum. Let's face it, if you're an iPhone user you probably still haven't taken your EarPods out of the packaging and that's perfectly understandable. The EarPods have an outstanding microphone and audio clarity, but they also lack isolation, and therefore bass. Almost any third party alternative is going to offer you better overall sound quality and a more secure in-ear fit. Over the years Nocs has consistently amazed us with its in-ear headphones, most notably the dual dynamic driver-equipped NS600 Crush model that we reviewed a couple of years ago. Unlike the NS600 Crush, the newer NS500 Aluminum feature a solid build made entirely out of CNC-machined lightweight aluminum that has been given an Apple-esque quality finish complete with a jewelry-like chamfer-cut highlight that literally begs to be paired up with an iPhone or iPad.

The NS500's titanium-coated diaphragm 8mm dynamic drivers claim to deliver the listener with an "amazing sonic experience that offers impeccable balance, rich detail and a deep bass". A flat tangle-free Kevlar reinforced cable features Nocs' slim and lightweight, Apple iDevice-compatible 3-button remote with MEMS microphone for headset use and music playback control. Don't fret though, there's also an Android-supported version of the NS500 available as well. Be sure to catch the full and in-depth review to find out if Nocs' impressively made NS500 Aluminum sound as phenomenal as they are stunningly beautiful.

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Nocs NS700 Phaser Headphones Review

It was only last month when Nocs released its exquisite NS600 Crush in-ear headphone only to win our coveted Editors' Choice award, and now it's time to move on up to even greater things. Nocs' new NS700 Phaser are an on-ear pair of headphones that promise powerful sound, extreme durability and superior comfort. Doesn't that sound good already? Well, we've put the NS700 Phaser thru a lengthy real world testing to find out what sticks and what doesn't. To find out, the full review is waiting for you just down below!

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Nocs NS600 Crush In-Ear Headphones Review

Nocs continues to impress us with yet another new offering that is extending the Swedish line of solid in-ear headphones so called the NS600 Crush. And boy are they looking fine as fine can be. We expect no less coming from the land that gave us Spotify, Abba, IKEA, Absolut, blondacious girls and our most favorite meatballs. That about covers it I think. Aside from that, Nocs has a knack for numbering its headphones in a series of ascending numbers. The higher the number, the more premium your audio experience will get apparently.

Nocs' latest NS600 Crush carry a dual dynamic driver setup that can pump out sound said to be comparable to a set of full fledged headphones - if not better. Our full review awaits you on the other side!

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Nocs NS400 Titanium In-Ear Headphones Review

This pair of shiny in-ear headphones comes to us straight from Sweden, home to Swedish House Mafia - one of many. It's the place where good sounding headphones are born. Did we mention Ikea? Yeah, things just got serious. Nocs' aluminum NS200 had already left us impressed so we've got very high expectations from the NS400, Nocs' intermediate in-ear offering made out of titanium for extra durability and of course good looks, to sound even better. Saying there's an abundance of in-ear headphones out there is an understatement. Choosing the right pair is no easy task, but weighing in price, sound quality and features is the key to choosing the a solid performing pair to make you enjoy your music. The NS400 just might have a check mark besides each of these wanted points. We find out after the cut!

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NOCS NS200 Earphones With Remote And Mic

It's no doubt the Swedish know how to make good sounding earphones and headphones. Nocs are a Swedish in-ear and headphone maker bringing us well designed audio products like the NS200 earphones that feature a remote and mic compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPod and even Macs. The NS200 are Nocs' first model out of three others. The Nocs NS200 feature dynamic drivers which produce a very warm and full sound with beautiful bass that brings every song you're listening to, it's own beats. The NS200 are constructed from aluminum for maximum durability and have superb built quality. Full review after the break!

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