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Cooler Master NotePal Ergo 360 Adjustable Laptop Cooler Review

Whether it is video rendering, massive image editing, or hardcore gaming, laptops are inevitably going to heat up quickly and require some intense fan spinning action. Sometimes, that doesn't even help. Your MacBook feels like an oven anyways. Cooler Master is known for their computer peripherals and accessories, and their NotePal Ergo 360 Laptop Cooler is here to potentially save the day. Designed to keep your laptop cooler than usual during highly-intensive operation, the Ergo 360 does the job with a couple of interesting twists. The 360 in its name highlights the fact that you can spin your laptop 360 degrees while it is on the cooler and hidden underneath is a tablet holder as well. All of these unique features are begging for Gadgetmac's seal of approval. Check out the full review after the cut to see our final verdict.

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