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Nocs NS600 Crush In-Ear Headphones Review

Nocs continues to impress us with yet another new offering that is extending the Swedish line of solid in-ear headphones so called the NS600 Crush. And boy are they looking fine as fine can be. We expect no less coming from the land that gave us Spotify, Abba, IKEA, Absolut, blondacious girls and our most favorite meatballs. That about covers it I think. Aside from that, Nocs has a knack for numbering its headphones in a series of ascending numbers. The higher the number, the more premium your audio experience will get apparently.

Nocs' latest NS600 Crush carry a dual dynamic driver setup that can pump out sound said to be comparable to a set of full fledged headphones - if not better. Our full review awaits you on the other side!

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