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Subjekt TNT Headphones Review

It's true we rarely pay attention when inexpensive headphones hit the booming audio market, especially when they're made by brands without particular promise. Because finding that diamond in the rough is no easy task. Why bother waste time when you pretty much know the outcome in stone. Alas, I've decided to come off that high horse they call audiophile bliss, and for once try something that looks unappetizing to see if its worth your money. Subjekt's TNT are a pair of low profile on-ear headphones said to pack a glorious supercharged, ultra-premium (not just any premium) 40mm dynamic drivers that'll deliver rich and crystal clear sound. We will be the judge of that of course. Our full review awaits!

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Nocs NS700 Phaser Headphones Review

It was only last month when Nocs released its exquisite NS600 Crush in-ear headphone only to win our coveted Editors' Choice award, and now it's time to move on up to even greater things. Nocs' new NS700 Phaser are an on-ear pair of headphones that promise powerful sound, extreme durability and superior comfort. Doesn't that sound good already? Well, we've put the NS700 Phaser thru a lengthy real world testing to find out what sticks and what doesn't. To find out, the full review is waiting for you just down below!

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RHA SA950i On-Ear Headphones Review

Not everyone here can afford professional grade studio headphones that will rock your wallet up in the high hundreds, but I could be wrong. However, what I can promise is that nobody is coming to us to find the cheapest and worst quality headphones available. Now here's the twist: RHA's new SA950i offer surprisingly amazing audio quality for an even more amazing price point. Head on past the cut to check out our full review and if these are worthy of your ears.

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Logitech UE 4000 Headphones Review

Not that long, Logitech has introduced a new joint line of headphones and portable speakers with Ultimate Ears under the new Logitech UE brand name. Apparently the new brand boasts some extraordinary technology, research and development to back up its new line of audio gear. While Logitech joined forces with Ultimate Ears a few years ago, the brand is most known for creating some of the best custom made in-ear monitors for professional musicians. So it's safe to say that we're excited to see what this new joint venture brings forth.

The Logitech UE 4000 headphones are one of the three entry level consumer headphones that Logitech UE recently released out into the wild. The UE 4000 are an on-ear pair of compact headphones designed with public use in mind. What happens when two great names put together a product? Our full review awaits after the break!

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Incase Pivot Lightweight On-Ear Headphones Review

Incase has long been known for producing classic, clean and high quality accessories for Apple products from iPhones to Macbooks. Since introducing their headphone line, Incase has shown that they have the same mantra, producing products that have thoughtful design and are a pleasure to use. Expanding their line, Incase introduced the Pivot Headphones which are touted to be ultra lightweight and portable. Are these as good as their bigger siblings, the Sonic and the Reflex? Check it out after the break.

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Bowers & Wilkins P3 Headphones Review

Bowers & Wilkins is well known for its renowned, exquisite speakers that have made it the respectable British brand name it is today. When B&W entered the market with its first ever pair of cans, it has made it known to all that is was a force to be reckoned with. The P3 are B&W's latest and second pair of headphones to make a splash at a more affordable price than the company's $300 flagship headphones, the P5. Having reviewed both of B&W's P5 headphones and C5 in-ear headphones, it is only natural to expect a high level of brilliance from the P3. Brace yourselves, our comprehensive review is down below!

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Philips CitiScape Downtown Headphones Review

Don't let the brand fool you. Philips knows a thing or two about audio. They might not be the first audio brand to pop in your mind when you think about upgrading or getting your first pair of headphones, but Philips' recent bevy of new on-ear and over-ear headphones has much to offer for both the casual and discerning music aficionados. We're taking Philips' most recent on-ear cans for a spin, the CitiScape Downtown headphones. Be sure to head past the break for the full review!

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Jays v-JAYS On-Ear Headphones Review

v-JAYS by Jays are the most sleekest and most simple headphones I've seen and used by far. The v-JAYS are on-ear headphones and are extremely lightweight and portable. The v-JAYS also fold up by collapsing each side except for the headband making them very portable and usable while traveling. The construction and build quality is very high but there are some small issues.

The foldable design does not click or lock into place, so you are left with two parts that always want fold inwards. However that does not actually affect comfort but it would be nice to have those two ear piece parts click into place. The v-JAYS are extremely comfortable and have very simple but comfortable ear pads that are replaceable. I can see these ear pads not lasting very long though. Each speaker unit has a ball joint that enables them to tilt and conform onto your ears. The audio cord is nice a thick and is also detachable from the middle point of the cord itself. This is a great thing to have if you need to leave you sound source quickly without taking off your headphones. 

The v-JAYS sound really great. The sound quality is amazing and very clear. The v-JAYS pack some nice tight and very noticeable bass. Nothing seems to distort or muffle out any of the sounds which is fantastic. The v-JAYS have fantastic crisp highs and mids as well. The overall sound quality is very "lightweight" with great bass. It's amazing how these thin lightweight headphones produce such great sound. With the v-JAYS, included are extra foam pads. Price $98.