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Poetic FlipBook Flip Cover & Atmosphere HTC One Case Review

Got one of them HTC One smartphone devices? Great, now all you need is a case and we've got two different types of cases that'll keep your One in top shape. Now that HTC embraced Google's stock Android with the release of the One Google Edition, there are even more reasons to jump on board the iPhone 5 rival. Poetic's first line of defence includes two inexpensive and extremely popular style of cases. We will be taking a look at the FlipBook, a flip cover case that offers a whole lot of protection without the bulk. And the Atmosphere, a slim dual-injected case with an aesthetically pleasing see-thru design. You won't want to miss out on our 2-in-1 review after the break.

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Poetic Atmosphere Case for iPhone 5 & iPad mini Review

There is just something about a clean cut, well designed case that keeps your iOS devices looking streamlined straight across the board. What helps that cause even more is the extremely reasonable prices for these cases. We were extremely happy to receive the Poetic Atmosphere series for the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini. I'm actually a little disappointed that we couldn’t get you this review sooner. So let me make it up to you by taking a closer look at both cases together. Hit the jump to see if the clean look and price point is worth your time, or whether the Atmosphere is just another dust collector of a case.

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Poetic Borderline & Diztronic Nexus 4 Bumper Case Review

Nothing says a good deal like a cheap Android prime smartphone and a few great cases to protect it for under $10, and some pocket change. We love deals and just about anything that's offered to consumers for a banging price like the $300, off-contract Google Nexus 4. Naturally, we thought it would be nice to show our love for Google's Nexus 4 by having a look at a few protective accessories for people on a tight budget like the Borderline by Poetic and generic case manufacturer, Diztronic. Two very different types of cases with solid potential for style and protection. Both are dirt cheap options you can grab off of Amazon, and that aren't going to cost you more than $13. But enough of that, what you're here to know is whether or not these two cases will be worth your lint-infested pocket change. Our twofer review is right around the corner.

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