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BlueAnt Embrace Headphones Review

BlueAnt is one of my favorite Bluetooth headset manufacturers, and when I heard BlueAnt introduced a brand new pair of headphones I was really pumped to give them a try. BlueAnt's Embrace headphones aren't Bluetooth enabled, nor are they wireless. Until now BlueAnt has revolved solely based on Bluetooth connectivity with its outstanding headsets, but for odd reasons they decided to release their first ever headphones with a traditional wired connection. Whatever the case may be, I support that decision more than anything. Bluetooth headphones aren't quite ready to give us the same experience wired headphones can.

BlueAnt's Embrace headphones may be their first splurge into the headphone market, but at least we know they've got some kind of audio background nonetheless. How well do they stack up against a plethora of headphones currently invading the audio market? Prepare to brace yourselves, find out in the full review right after the cut!

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Just Mobile Gum Plus Backup Battery Review

So far, every Just Mobile product we've reviewed has proven to be a great success. Just Mobile's love for aluminum surely shows a strong dedication towards creating perfectly matching accessories for Apple's most desired products. Today, we've got our hands on the Gum Plus. A battery backup pack that will not only charge your iPhone, iPad, iPod, but also any other gadget that can be chargers over USB. Hidden beneath that little aluminum enclosure is a huge, 4400mAh battery that promises to recharge your iPhone up to 3 times, and within just an hour, recharge your juiceless iPhone up to a 90% charged state. Oh boy, do we love these glorified product descriptions. We've put the Gum Plus thru its paces that's for sure. So get past that break for the full review!

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Just Mobile Slide iPad 2 Stand Review

Just Mobile keeps the tradition of creating some of the most innovative products that just seem to work as intended. Last time we reviewed Just Mobile's Encore aluminum stand for the iPad and iPad 2, this time we've got yet another aluminum stand to show and review for all you iPad users that I personally think you're going to love. It's the Slide aluminum stand for the iPad and iPad 2 from Just Mobile. Unlike the Encore stand, the Slide is different in everyway, however, it's still a full featured stand in every sense of the word. If portability is key for you, you may really want to jump after the break for the full review of the Slide!

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Phiaton MS 400 Moderna Series Headphones Review

In a sea of headphones of all sorts and prices, the Phiaton MS 400 headphones while having been around for a while now, stand out from the crowd in more ways than one. I've had the pleasure to test quite a few headphones for a while now and when I first found out about Phiaton's MS 400 headphones I immediately got attracted. There's no denying the good looks these sport. Part of Phiaton's Moderna Series, the MS 400 headphones look like the pair of headphones you would get when you purchase a Ferrari. Distinctive red leather and real carbon fiber are mixed into making the MS 400 headphones and the result is one stunning pair of headphones. While the not so stunning price of $249 might seem too steep, yet it may actually be worth it this time. The full review is after the break. You won't want to miss it.

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Twelve South Compass Stand for iPad 2

We are revisiting an old friend, the Compass stand by Twelve South first debuted last year for the original iPad and it quickly became my favorite and most used stand for the iPad. Now this beautiful piece of think and design is available for the iPad 2, and they're both a perfect match. Looking for an alternative stand to replace Apple's expensive Smart Cover stand functionality? You're going to want to check the Compass out right after the break.

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NOX Audio Specialist Gaming Headset

There are so many gaming headsets out there to choose from but most of them are not very portable and compact. The NOX Audio Specialist is one of those ultra portable, foldable and compact gaming headsets around for under $100. What's so special about these particular set are the unique features that NOX has to offer. Are the Audio Specialist the gaming headset you should buy? Check out the full review right after the break to find out.

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WaterField Designs Muzetto Portable Leather Bag for iPad Review

Our good friends over at WaterField Designs in sunny San Francisco, sent over their very popular Muzetto portable leather bag in the 10" configuration suitable for the iPad 2 and iPad. The Muzetto comes in various sizes and color schemes to best suit your needs. I've heard so many positive things about the Muzetto bag but never actually got to try one out for myself and see what all the fuss is about. Well now, it's that time and I'm excited to share this brilliant piece of bag with you. Check out the full review right after the break. 

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Jawbone Jambox Wireless Portable Speaker Review

Jawbone, the makers of the most stylish and popular Bluetooth headsets around have finally come out with a wireless Bluetooth portable speaker for listening to music and what would this thing be without being a speakerphone too. All of this jammed into a small, perfectly portable speaker. There are quite a few amazing things about the Jambox that I'll get into in the full review right after the cut.

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