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Bluetrek Carbon Bluetooth Headset Review

Bluetrek's Carbon Bluetooth headset has got a massive amount of press when it was first announced back in April touting all other Bluetooth headsets because it, is made from real carbon fiber. The Carbon is the first Bluetooth headset ever to be constructed out of real carbon fiber, a material that promises strength, ultra-lightness and sporty looks. Bluetrek is most known for their stylish and ultra-slim Metal Bluetooth headset, and now the Carbon is hear to pave the way with its sexy and sophisticated good looks. Click that blue button for the full review of the Carbon!

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MonCarbone Magnet Force & Portfolio iPhone 4 & iPad Carbon Fiber Cases

Our friends over at monCarbone have hooked us up with their newly released real carbon fiber cases for the iPhone 4 and iPad. The Magnet Force is monCarbone's updated version of the HoverCoat case for the iPhone 4 which we reviewed last year and it rocked my socks off. This time, the Magnet Force is what its name suggests, a magnetic carbon fiber case. monCarbone's Portfolio case for the iPad also bares a very similar form factor of the HoverCoat case for the iPad which we also reviewed last year, and it too got a spec bump. I've had some gripes about the glossy finishes on the HoverCoat cases and I hoped monCarbone fixed that issue when they release new cases. Check out the full review after the break to find out if monCarbone fixed all the kinks.

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