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JBL Charge Portable Wireless Speaker Review

JBL's Charge sells itself as a portable wireless stereo speaker with impressive gadget-charging capabilities all rolled into one attractive and compact device. If there ever was a portable speaker that combined all-day long battery life, an ultra-fast backup battery charger with big sound in a small package - it would definitely have to be the Charge, and the Charge alone. As you might know, JBL gave us the $100 Flip late last year which at the time blew us away with its elite audio performance we called jaw droppingly powerful.

But like any good product, the Flip had its inconveniences and treble-heavy sound signature we pleaded JBL to fix and improve upon. Now that we've got our hands all over the Charge, we're going to find out if JBL did things a little differently this time around. And it also means putting the Charge up against today's leading portable speakers. Want to see who comes out on top? So do we! Our full review is just around the corner.

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Twelve South SurfacePad iPhone 5 Cover Review

Over the years, Twelve South's ingenious Apple-oriented accessories have received numerous Editors' Choice awards from us. And thanks to yet another exceptional product made for the iPhone, we finally have a great reason to deviate from the norm of having to use a standardized case. But don't call it a case, Twelve South's new SurfacePad is anything but. The SurfacePad is a $35 luxurious and minimalist leather cover for the iPhone 5, and the iPhone 4/S. If you're someone who prefers using the iPhone in the nude - not literally but in its bare nakedness form as Jobs intended, yet still feel the need to get some form of protection that isn't going to drastically change the extraordinary design characteristic of the iPhone, then boy are you in for a sweet treat. Our full detailed review awaits down below!

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RHA MA450i In-Ear Headphones Review 

Last time we gave you the full break-down on RHA's SA950i on-ear headphones and we were thoroughly impressed. Now we're back ears-on with RHA's MA450i in-ear headphones which we definitely have high standards for. Boasting both excellent build quality and superior sound at an affordable price, RHA is not out to drain your wallet but to satisfy the audiophile in you. Head on past the break as we put these earphones to the test and give you our full review.

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Sensu Brush Compact Artist Stylus Review

So far we've managed to cover the two best basic types of styluses known to tablet users, the Bamboo and the Jot Pro. Sure you can get one of them fancy schmancy "smart" Bluetooth styluses with pressure sensitivity and palm-rejection features, but what if you're a devoted and self-proclaimed touchscreen artist? Something like this Sensu Brush should fill in that gap nicely we think. The Sensu Brush is a portable artist brush and a conventional stylus rolled into one body. If a true painting experience is what you're missing out on using your tablet, the Sensu Brush might be worth replacing your regular stylus for.

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Power Support Flat Bumper for iPhone 5 Review

We've always taken Power Support to be the premier maker of screen protectors for all types of Apple devices. It's no doubt they were the best at what they did up until glass screen protectors caught on. Not leaving behind its legacy of screen protection films, the Japanese accessory maker branched out to create some really thin cases for the iPhone, namely the Air Jacket case. But. Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, on a big island lies Power Support's elusive Flat Bumper for the iPhone 5. Like a rare Pokemon, it can only be found in Japan. And just when we thought that we had found the ultimate iPhone 5 bumper, an even better (arguably) substitute comes along. Power Support's Flat Bumper is a minimalist, ultra-thin bumper case that literally redefines how the bumper cases we've all come to know, are designed. Be sure to follow our review after the break!

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Poetic Borderline & Diztronic Nexus 4 Bumper Case Review

Nothing says a good deal like a cheap Android prime smartphone and a few great cases to protect it for under $10, and some pocket change. We love deals and just about anything that's offered to consumers for a banging price like the $300, off-contract Google Nexus 4. Naturally, we thought it would be nice to show our love for Google's Nexus 4 by having a look at a few protective accessories for people on a tight budget like the Borderline by Poetic and generic case manufacturer, Diztronic. Two very different types of cases with solid potential for style and protection. Both are dirt cheap options you can grab off of Amazon, and that aren't going to cost you more than $13. But enough of that, what you're here to know is whether or not these two cases will be worth your lint-infested pocket change. Our twofer review is right around the corner.

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LaCie XtremKey USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review

If I were to look inside my drawer, I'd find just as many flash drives as dust bunnies. Flash drives are a convenient and inexpensive way to store all of your miscellaneous junk that you don't want to clutter your precious hard drive space up with. Not only that, it's a portable solution to transferring data, aside from using the Cloud. LaCie wants to shoot the flash drive up with steroids, which is what the XtremKey is. Capable of withstanding extreme cold and heat, being submerged underwater, and then driven over for a 10 ton truck, LaCie's steroids are definitely working. Head on past the break to see how this seemingly indestructible piece of metal went through Hell and back.

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4th Design T-type 3 Aluminum iPhone 5 Bumper Case Review

Premium cases made out of the sought after 13th element can end up costing you a small fortune, and for that exact reason these type of accessories must provoke excellence. We weren't entirely thrilled with how 4th Design's Blade 5 bumper case for the iPhone 5 turned out compared to its predecessor. Fortunately, 4th Design is back with another offering and this time it's playing it simple. Or should we say safe? Because the new T-type 3 is the same T-type bumper case we've reviewed for the iPhone 4S apart from a few design enhancements and careful polishing. Unlike the Blade 5, the T-type 3 bumper brings back the likable creature comforts in a minimalist design. Our full review awaits!

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