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Wrapsol Original Front + Back Matte Protective Skin for iPad 2

All you new iPad 2 owners must be going crazy over the Smart Cover ordeal leaving your iPad 2's beautiful aluminum back prone to scratches. Worry no more, Wrapsol is a clear protective film that uses a wet installation process like many other similar clear films. Ever since I reviewed Wrapsol's matte back protective film for the first gen iPad and iPhone 3GS, I got hooked on the look. What's special about Wrapsol's skins is that they have a matte texture to them so they match very well with Apple's aluminum gadgets. This time we're going to take a look at the Wrapsol Original Front + Back protective films for the iPad 2. Catch the full review after the jump.

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Power Support Air Jacket for iPod Touch 4G

Power Support have been producing their line of Air Jackets for several years now, with different versions for each iPhone and iPod touch model that Apple has released. It's a successful case that's been sold by Apple itself in-store and online, so it's no surprise that a new version is available for the iPod touch 4th gen. Is this case as good as it looks? Find out after the jump!

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Kioky Perfect Fit Screen Protector Kit for iPhone 4

Having a hard time installing and perfectly aligning those screen protectors? It can be very frustrating when trying to install a new screen protector on any device. Kioky should be the answer to your screen protector installation needs and Kioky promises you a "perfect fit every time" but does it really work that well? Find out after the break.

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Luxa2 AR Anti-Reflection Screen Protector for MacBooks

Colors pop on MacBooks with glossy screens that's for sure but what about all that glossiness glare reflecting off that beautiful shiny glass screen of yours? What if you prefer the looks of the glossy screen or you just didn't want to spend some more of your cash on a matte screen and now you can't handle looking at your own face while trying to watch a movie. Well you can always get yourself an anti-reflection screen protector for that glossy screen of yours. Read more to find out if the Luxa2 AR screen protector for MacBooks is really worth the trouble.

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