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Element Case Sector 5 Au iPhone 5s Case Review

With the introduction of the gold iPhone 5s, a plethora of golden-colored accessories have made their way to market, if only to compliment the existance of the gold iPhone 5s. Because chances are that if you're an owner of a gold iPhone, you sure as hell don't want to cover it up with yet another muted color case should you seek appropriete protection or maybe a different type of an accessory. Worry not, Element Case has a new Gold Collection out that consists of its hottest accessories in honor of Apple's gold iPhone 5s.

The Sector 5 Au is one of a number of cases belonging to Element Case's charming Au Gold Collection, and it's pretty much the same hybrid aluminum bumper case we all arguably know and like - only anodized in a gold color to naturally compliment the gold iPhone 5s. If there's one luxury case brand worth considering as far as premium metal materials are concerned, it's Element Case. So be sure to make your way down below for our full, in-depth review of the Sector 5 Au.

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Element Case Sector 5 Aluminum iPhone 5 Case Review

In the past, we have put numerous aluminum machined iPhone, iPod touch and even iPad cases thru testing. One case company stood out like a white knight in shining armor. Element Case is considered by many including us to be the best of the best when considering a case made from the 13th element. Elite cases like the Vapor Pro and Vapor Comp were truly a pair of groundbreaking offerings in the world of high-end protective iPhone accessories. Element Case went above and beyond with its latest hardcore case for the iPhone 5. The Sector 5 is an aluminum bumper-style case that tops off the amazingly curvy Draco 5 with its complexity and pure unadulterated awesomeness. If you were to tell us it was from another dimension, we'd believe you. So lock n' load, it's gonna be a bumpy in-depth review!

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