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Misfit Shine Review

Misfit is a young, start-up brand many of you may not have heard of up until now. Misfit is responsible for creating a new wearable health and fitness tracking gadget known as Shine. Classified as a personal fitness tracker, Misfit's Shine is the latest wireless fitness tracker to join an ever-expanding market of smart, wearable activity monitors. Unlike Jawbone's Up and Fitbit's Flex writsband trackers, the Shine is heavily fixed on being the most premium, most elegantly designed fitness tracker ever made. The Shine is the first truly unique fitness tracker that can track more physical activities in order to accurately count how much calories you've burned off during the day based on how intensive an certain type of activity is than any other fitness tracker.

Thanks to a modular design and smart algorithms, Misfit's Shine has been optimized to track and appropriately reward you with important data in dry or wet conditions, and yes for the first time that also includes swimming. We've spent a full week with it to bring you our in-depth review, so be sure to jump over the hurdle for the full rundown! (Updated)

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