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WaterField Outback Sleeve for 13" Retina MacBook Pro Review

For those not to familiar with WaterField bags, don’t worry, they aren’t advertised anywhere, they aren’t sold locally, and actually you wouldn’t even know they existed unless you were looking for a carrying bag or sleeve. I will tell you this though, there’s nothing like a company that offers the consumer the ability to customize the product they want. Wait what? I can get a sleeve in a vertical or horizontal format? I can get a laptop bag with or without a shoulder strap?

These are just a few options that make WaterField Designs quite unique in its own way and honestly that makes for a successful company. Plus it's a company based out of San Francisco so you know we are going to show them some love. They were kind enough to send out their Outback Sleeve for the Retina MacBook Pro and we have been testing it out for a few weeks. Come on in and join the picture viewing party to see if this sleeve deserves your precious laptops protection.

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Amazon Kindle Fire Zip Sleeve Review

It would only be natural that our first case review for Amazon's latest budge Kindle Fire tablet would be Amazon's very own protective sleeve, the Zip Sleeve. As most of you Kindle Fire users may already know, there are very few choices for sleeves and folio cases at the moment. Good thing Amazon came thru with a means of protection for your Kindle Fire that should fit precisely like a latex glove. Is the Zip Sleeve a made to be sleeve for your Kindle Fire? Find out after the break!

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Tape Gear Cork Kindle Sleeve Review

You may have never thought cork could have many more uses then just a wine bottle "cork" but IT DOES. Tape Gear has been providing FSC approved cork sleeves since 2009 for select devices. They have recently expanded from only doing 4 selected device sleeves to 8 different select device sleeves. Today we will be reviewing the Kindle Cork Sleeve. Easy, simple, lightweight and also recyclable. If you happen to not have a Kindle you can pick up the sleeve for MacBook Pro, iPod Touch, Blackberry's, iPad 1 and 2, a wallet, and even a nifty business card holder. Check out the full review after the break!

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Knomo London Slim Laptop Sleeve Review

Laptop bags are a dime a dozen these days. You can find black bag after black bag at every brick and mortar shop out there. These bags are usually canvas, thin, and let’s face it, they are boring! Selection is especially limited for ladies who want something special to carry their laptop computers in. Enter Knomo, the London based company that offers an elegant and fashionable cure for the boring black bag. Is this bag worth a glance to protect your machine? Find out after the break!

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SwitchEasy Thins Sleeves for iPad 2 Review

SwitchEasy are back again, and this time with a some new accessories for both the iPad 2 and the entire MacBook line including the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. One of the latest accessories that we're going to take a look at are SwitchEasy's Thins. The Thins are slim sleeves made out of neoprene and come in a few different vibrant colors to match your style for $39.99. Before we can dub these to be another one of those run-of-the-mill sleeves, we're going to take a closer look at the Thins to see if they are worthy of your iPad 2 right after the jump!

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Top 10 Sleeves, Cases & More for Your HP TouchPad

So you just got a brand spanking new HP TouchPad, did you? Don't worry, you're not alone. Who wouldn't want to get a tablet like the TouchPad for the insane liquidation price points! Now that there are many new TouchPad owners out there thanks to the incredibly low fire sales, you probably want to take care of your cheap investment. That's exactly why we've put together this guide to help you do exactly that. After days of researching and countless coffees later, we've come up with a list of the top 10 best solutions you can pick from to protect your new WebOS running TouchPad tablet. HP might have killed it off, but you definitely don't want to be as cruel.

So jump past the break for the full list of some of the best cases, sleeves and more to help keep your TouchPad scratch and ding-free.

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WaterField SleeveCase for MacBook Pro Review

We've got yet another exciting product from the guys over at WaterField Designs in beautiful San Francisco, the SleeveCase sleeve for the MacBook Pro. WaterField is all about the simple yet highly effective design in each of the products they make right in San Francisco. And no one else loves ballistic nylon like WaterField does. The SleeveCase is the perfect example of that. It's made from WaterField's now famous black ballistic nylon material used in bullet-proof vests so you'll know that expensive chunk of aluminum you carry around with you will be protected. If that's not enough, be sure to catch the full review right after the break!

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Booq Vyper M3 Hardshell Sleeve Review

With tons of different manufactures all pumping out hard shell sleeves, some looking the same, some looking different, and it is hard to choose which one is right for you. Booq, not many people have heard of create high quality hard shell sleeves, soft shell sleeves, laptop bags, iPad cases and many other products. The Vyper M3 is just one of the many hard shell sleeve's that Booq offers. They make sleeves for the 13", 15", 17" Macbook Pro's and Macbook Air. You can pick up the M3 for $49.95. Look past the break for full detailed review!

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