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JAYS q-Jays In-Ear Headphones Review

After having listened to JAYS' a-Jays Four and t-Jays Three and absolutely loving both, my expectations out of JAYS' top of the line q-Jays in-ear headphones are higher than ever and I couldn't be more thrilled to review them. The q-Jays are audiophile grade in-ears with a price to match at $179. Despite their extremely small form, the q-Jays fit inside dual micro armature drivers making them the world's smallest pair of in-ears with dual armatures. Can such small in-ears really deliver audiophile grade sound quality without compromising anything else? Get past the break to find out in the full review!

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Minox Classic Mini Digital Camera Review

Those of you who aren't familiar with Minox, it's a German company that specialises in making small classic replica cameras ranging from little spy camera gadgets to retro looking miniature digital cameras. The Classic Mini Digital Camera, or DCC 5.1 for short, is Minox's latest and greatest mini digital camera. Minox even goes as far as describing it as "a small masterpiece with huge performance". Well, we're going to be the judge of that. Photography junkies are bound to fall in love with such a pretty little retro camera such as this one. Photojojo was gracious enough to supply this tiny retro masterpiece-looking digital camera for review so jump past the break for the full breakdown!

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