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Spigen Tough Armor & Slim Armor iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Cases Review

We've recently looked at what Apple had to offer with its minimalist Silicone Case, and now it's time for us to step things into third party gear with some Spigen case goodness for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. In particular, Spigen's toughest series of cases – the hugely popular Tough Armor and Slim Armor series of sensibly priced iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases. If you're looking for a drop protective case, this insightful review will hopefully make your buying decision easier than ever. So what are you waiting for, the full review is waiting for your after the break!

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Spigen Ultra Fit Crystal Shell, Clear Ultra Hybrid iPhone 5s Cases Review

So you just got an iPhone 5s for Christmas and you're already on the hunt for a nice protective case to compliment that golden piece of technology. Or maybe you're looking for a different case and you've owned an iPhone for a while now. Regardless, if you like seeing your device in all of its aluminum and glass/ceramic glory then I think we've got just the thing for you. It's now turn for brilliantly clear cases to show what they've got to offer, and we have got two new and inexpensive cases to test from Spigen that promise ultra-clear protection and a slim, form factor.

Spigen's brand new Ultra Fit Crystal Shell for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 is a case that has been designed to preserve the original shape of these devices whilst offering lightweight scratch protection. It's also part of Spigen's Ultra Thin Air collection, albeit improved to offer a full 360 degrees of protective coverage. Influenced mostly by Apple's introduction of the gold iPhone 5s, Spigen has recently released an all-clear version of its hugely popular Ultra Hybrid slim case which combines the best of both worlds using a hybrid design in order to offer drop, impact and scratch protection. What makes these two clear cases so special? Head over to our full review to find out.

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Spigen Tough Armor Case for Retina iPad mini Review

The Tough Armor case for the iPhone 5s has won Spigen our esteemed Editors' Choice Award, and now there's a Tough Armor version made for Apple's new and powerful iPad mini 2 with Retina display. Spigen's toughest iPad case ever is once again claiming that its the slimmest case that provides even more protection than other bulkier cases out there. Judging by our past experience with the Tough Armor case for the iPhone, it's easy to believe that the iPad version of it will impress no less. And in fact, as soon as we slapped it on our iPad mini we knew that it would be added to our all-time favorite cases for Apple's new powerful pico-sized tablet. With that said, the Tough Armor isn't perfect and it indeed comes with a few caveats worth reading about before pulling that quick-scoping trigger of yours. So be sure to jump over the hedge for our full in-depth review of the new Tough Armor case for the iPad mini!

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Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 5s Case Review

What if you could take Spigen's ultra tough and ruggedized Tough Armor and Slim Armor S cases and turn them into more slimmer protective cases that would better showcase your iPhone 5s or iPhone 5 while also enabling you to customize them using a slew of colorful graphic art designs? Well, you can and there's a new case that does just that. Spigen's Ultra Hybrid is a case that combines the best features of the Tough Armor case with a transparent see-through back design all while reducing the thickness and bulk of Spigen's toughest and most protective case ever. But there's more to it, so be sure to make your way down below to our full review of the Ultra Hybrid!

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Spigen Saturn, Tough Armor Champagne Gold iPhone 5s Cases Review

Got that gold fever that's been spreading around? If you're looking for an instant cure of fancyness, Spigen has you covered with its new Champagne Gold collection of cases that are unquestionably the gold iPhone 5s' best hope for a matching protective case. Spigen has sent us the Saturn and Tough Armor cases dabbled in a fresh coat of gold finish to have a look at up close and personal, so hop your way past the barrier to find out what we think.

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Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 5s Case Review 

Don't have or want to spend $90 on LifeProof's ultimate protective Nuud case yet still looking for a not-so-bulky tough case to protect your iPhone from nasty drops and other daily hazards that don't involve water? We think we've found the next best thing, and that's Spigen's new Tough Armor case for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5. Spigen is taking a direct jab at OtterBox's Defender case claiming that its Tough Armor case offers the same amount of protection, albeit without all the bulk and boxy styling. But protection is only part of what supposedly makes the Tough Armor a better alternative. The Tough Armor's $30 price tag and full iOS 7 compatibility prowess make it an enticing package. Has Spigen succeeded in making the next best dexterous drop-protective case with its new Tough Armor? Check out our in-depth review to find out!

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Spigen Saturn iPhone 5 Case Review

Spigen SGP is well known around these parts to produce some top quality cases and accessories. So it is not surprising to see Spigen come out with new cases every few months. We recently took a look at the Ultra Flip and Slim Armor cases and both were two cases that we recommended to our viewers. This week we are taking a look at their newly designed case, the Saturn. This snap on style case consists of polycarbonate and aluminum material in a superior slim profile. Hit the jump to check out pics of the case and see if this falls in line with all the other well-crafted Spigen accessories.

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Spigen SGP Ultra Flip & Slim Armor iPhone 5 Cases Review

Spigen, one of the leading accessory makers for Apple’s mobile devices, has sent us two of their latest iPhone 5 cases for review. We were fortunate enough to receive their Samsung Galaxy line of flip style cases called the Ultra Flip. Also sent out for review was a two-tone colored case called the Slim Armor series. We've always admired Spigen's affordably priced, solid case and various accessory offerings over the years. Just a few months earlier we took a look at the illuzion series leather flip case for the iPhone 5, which of course we recommended to our readers. Hit the jump and let’s take a look at Spigen's latest to see if they are truly worthy of your money!

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