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Studio Neat Cosmonaut Stylus Review

Styluses come in many different pen-like shapes to help the tech savvy individual get ideas onto a touchscreen display more compatibly rather than using ones finger, preferably using a tablet or a very big smartphone. That large black thing above is the Cosmonaut. A stylus that was designed to be different. In a big way, as you can see. The Cosmonaut is made by Studio Neat, the makers of the Glif tripod mount for iPhone we honored with an Editors' Choice award. There's a quite a bit of hype orbiting this successful Kickstarter stylus, so what do we have to say about it you ask? Find out as we review and compare the Cosmonaut stylus down below!

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The Glif Tripod Mount for iPhone 4 Review

Anyone who owns an iPhone 4 knows how capable the iPhone 4's back facing camera really is. It might just be a 5-megapixel camera, but it perfect weather conditions you can take some of the most amazing photographs other smart phones can only dream about. iPhone 4 users who are photography enthusiasts will be really happy with an accessory that can only help you take better photographs and HD video. The Glif is a tripod mount for the iPhone 4 that can be easily attached to any tripod and ball head. You're not going to want to keep using yourself as a human tripod right? Then you'll want to take a look at how the Glif works right after the break!

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