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Nocs NS400 Titanium In-Ear Headphones Review

This pair of shiny in-ear headphones comes to us straight from Sweden, home to Swedish House Mafia - one of many. It's the place where good sounding headphones are born. Did we mention Ikea? Yeah, things just got serious. Nocs' aluminum NS200 had already left us impressed so we've got very high expectations from the NS400, Nocs' intermediate in-ear offering made out of titanium for extra durability and of course good looks, to sound even better. Saying there's an abundance of in-ear headphones out there is an understatement. Choosing the right pair is no easy task, but weighing in price, sound quality and features is the key to choosing the a solid performing pair to make you enjoy your music. The NS400 just might have a check mark besides each of these wanted points. We find out after the cut!

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Hornettek Vader Aluminum iPhone 4 Bumper Review

Just when you though aluminum bumper cases dies a horrible death, Hornettek has taken a stab at this wonderful market of metal bumper cases with their version that they call the Vader. The Vader is an all-aluminum, two-piece bumper case compatible with both the AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4, and it will set you back $79.99. We've reviewed quite a few aluminum bumper cases on Gadgetmac before, and the Vader has some big shoes to fill. Will the Vader just be yet another run-of-the-mill aluminum bumper case for the iPhone 4, or will it prove worthy of your iPhone 4? Find out right after the break!

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