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Urban Armor Gear UAG Composite iPad mini Case Review

Urban Armor Gear came out of nowhere when we first encountered its really unique and extreme composite iPhone cases. But now the UAG name rings a bell thanks to Urban Armor Gear's incredibly awesome iPhone 5 cases that instantly became one of our favorite protective cases mostly because of their rugged styling, tough military-inspired armored casings and terrific fit and finish. And now there's a new version of the UAG composite case made for Apple's iPad mini, and we've got the review to show. That iPad mini of yours sure looks like it could use some gains, so why not give it a boost with this mean piece of protection?

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Urban Armor Gear UAG Case for iPhone 5 Review

What better way to start off our first iPhone 5 case review than with one of our favorite iPhone 4S case. Like many other case companies, Urban Armor Gear ported their UAG composite case to fit the new and slender iPhone 5. It's got that same kickass, military-inspired armored design and ruggedized protection to keep your iPhone protected against impending drops. Will the iPhone 5 version be just as great as it was when we reviewed it a while back? We've got more to show down below!

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Urban Armor Gear UAG iPhone 4S Case Review

As if it came straight out of an action film, Urban Armor Gear's UAG iPhone Case Series will leave you feeling like you're a CIA agent on a mission. They look like they could deflect a bullet, take a tumble down a cliff, and then withstand an earth-shaking explosion to top things off (don't try this at home). In their entire armory of protection, Urban Armor Gear has got you covered with an assortment of different color selections whether it is for the relaxed jogger in the park or an adrenaline-junkie looking for his latest fix. Check out our mission results right after the cut!

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