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Hidden Radio Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Over the years, we have covered a few successful Kickstarter products funded and backed by you, the consumers. Some were as promising as we had hoped, while others let us down. Backing up a certain Kickstarter product doesn't necessarily mean you'll be glad you did at the end. Today, we're going to be taking a look at Hidden Radio. A Kickstarter product so successful, it gathered in nearly $1 million.

Hidden Radio is such an incredibly unique product, you would never have guessed it was born thanks to Kickstarter. What is it? Hidden Radio is a wireless Bluetooth portable speaker that's intuitively designed with simplicity in mind. Don't let the future-esque design fool you though, because as the name suggest, there's a hidden FM radio built right in. An FM radio! Who would have thought an FM radio would make the cut these days with services such as Spotify readily available.

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