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Colorant USG ITG Tempered Glass iPhone 5 Screen Protector Review

Screen protectors were and will always continue to be the number one concern for protecting those amazing touchscreen displays of today's advanced smartphones. While many are already secretly fitted with tough scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass 2 displays, people aren't prepared to take any risks whatsoever. Glass screen protectors were considered to be a breakthrough in screen protection when they were first commercially introduced to the consumer market a little over a year ago.

Spigen was the first to out a proper mainstream glass iPhone screen protector with the Glas.t. And now consumers have more selection, starting with Colorant's new USG Impossible Tempered Glass screen protector (or ITG for short) for the iPhone 5. Plastic screen protectors are trembling with fear right now. If the USG ITG is as good as the Glas.t we've reviewed, it'll be a great day for iPhone 5 users.

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