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LifeProof Nuud Waterproof iPhone 5 Case Review

Nearly a full year has past since we published our review of the Fre waterproof case, and in that time LifeProof has been working hard to create the next revolutionary waterproof case for the iPhone 5. The Nuud is LifeProof's latest offering, an innovative waterproof case with screenless technology borrowed from the company's Nuud for the iPad - the first case to have pioneered this brilliant concept. And in doing so, LifeProof has fixed the most troublesome area that has affected every case model since the inception of the LifeProof case. The Nuud no longer requires an integrated screen protector which means you can now directly touch your iPhone's glass touchscreen without of course sacrificing invaluable waterproof prowess.

We waited a long time for this day to finally come, and so now we must put the Nuud through its paces in order to find out if it's really the best waterproof iPhone 5 case on the market. Check out our full review right after the cut!

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Griffin Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof iPhone 5 Case Review

Oh yeah, Griffin's ruggedized Survivor case received a subaquatic upgrade recently making it impervious not only to drops, shock, vibrations, dirt and rain - but also to water submersion. Survior + Catalyst is its name, and this $70 waterproof iPhone 5 case was destined to live underwater and in extreme conditions. Using the Survivor name to its advantage, Griffin hopes to extend its original concept of what an ultra-tough iPhone case is all about with this new waterproof design which is surprisingly tougher than the original Survivor case.

Summertime is in full effect, and you're probably looking around for that one case to live with for the next few months. Trouble is, not all cases are good enough to use. Maximum protection always starts with waterproofing when it comes to protecting our gadgets, and over the years there have been numerous attempts at making the best waterproof iPhone case, however, we've yet to find that perfect case which can balance protection with unhindered functionality and everyday usability. We're here to put Griffin's ultimate iPhone 5 case through our relentless reviewing criteria. The Survivor + Catalyst is Griffin's new toughest case with an unpretentiously sleek design, but is it any good?

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Seidio Obex iPhone 5 Waterproof Case Review

For the first time, Seidio has set foot in our humble abode with its first waterproof case for the iPhone 5 dubbed the Obex. LifeProof is no longer alone in this rapidly expanding market of slim waterproof and drop-protective cases for Apple's iPhone. Seidio's Obex and Incipio's Atlas are the two most notable, and intimidating rivals that LifeProof is now facing, and for good reason. The Obex waterproof case for the iPhone 5 had to pull out all the stops in order to win over the hearts of new iPhone 5 users looking for that next best all-proof of a protective case. We're super excited about Seidio's Obex and some of the innovative improvements it brings to the table over one of the most favorable and notorious waterproof cases made by the one and only, LifeProof. Find out how well the Obex stacks up against the Fre in our full in-depth review after the break!

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LifeProof Fre Waterproof iPhone 5 Case Review

LifeProof is considered to be the go-to name when looking for a waterproof case to protect your iPhone in extreme and uncertain conditions that life calls for. We thought the LifeProof case for the iPhone 4S was the best performing waterproof case money can buy you, but it also left us wanting more. The latest LifeProof Fre case is a breakthrough slim waterproof case designed not only to keep your iPhone 5 safely protected against water, but also against every other element including drops and rough handling. It is, the ultimate protective iPhone case without a doubt. Incredible capabilities do come at a cost however, the Fre comes with its fair share of drawbacks. Get more details on LifeProof's Fre in the full review after the jump!

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