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Sony SRS-X3 Portable Wireless Speaker Review

The thing about portable speakers is that while they make listening to music super conveniant and more social in a mobile lifestlye, most of the ones that you can actually carry around with you willingily aren't capable of providing a that low-end bass you otherwise hear when listening to a large speaker setup, which typically means you can't fit that kind of audio gear into your backpack or move it around as effortlessly as a more compact portable speaker like the $150 JBL Charge 2 and many others. We do know of one such device capable of delivering a convincing amount of bass while still being an extremely easy to carry wireless speaker, and that's the Bose SoundLink Mini. It wasn't until recently that we had trouble finding a portable speaker that was as small as the SoundLink Mini and that could also match its outstanding level of audio richness.

We're talking of course about Sony's SRS-X3. As of today, we think that it's Sony's best sounding portable Bluetooth speaker you can buy that's as moderately sized as many other highly popular and noteworthy alternatives such as the UE Boom, JBL Charge 2 and the Bose SoundLink Mini itself. Sony is clearly taking a jab at Bose with its similarly specced and more competitively priced SRS-X3 speaker. Can Sony's $150 SRS-X3 beat the more expensive $200 SoundLink Mini at its own game? Find out which of these can drop a more satisfying bass punch in our full review and comparison down below!

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JBL Spark Wireless Speaker Review

JBL's most recent speaker offerings can only be described as creatively ambitious. From the Pulse to the Voyager, and now the Spark, JBL is pushing ahead with some of the most uniquely designed and innovative speakers we've seen yet. But we're here to talk you about the Spark, not the AllSpark, but JBL's new and trendy Spark speaker. With a unique funky translucent design which just so happens to be Harman Kardon's signature weapon of design language choice, the Spark brings a visually fun play on wireless speaker styling. Jump into our full review to find out what we think about JBL's Spark, and how it compares to other wireless speakers!

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id America TouchTone Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

That’s right, id America has brought its own portable speaker to market called the TouchTone. This touch controls-featuring compact speaker is looking to compete up against some incredibly known brands in the audio world. And at $80, the TouchTone is asking for a piece of Ultimate Ears' ultra-compact and nicely balanced Mini Boom speaker, JBL's all-too familiar Flip speaker and many more that plague the shelves of electronic retail giants and the likes of Amazon and other online retailers.

But what does a case company have anything to do with audio gear? We asked the same exact question numerous times before, notably when Incase launched its line of headphones more than a year ago, we questioned the accessory brand's ability to put out decent sounding headphones. Needless to say, we were astounded by how amazing Incase's Sonic headphones actually turned out. So before we doubt another case company's ability to expand its line of products, we are giving id America's first ever speaker an honest shot as we go ears on with the new TouchTone portable Bluetooth wireless speaker. Be sure to head past the break for our full review!

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Ultimate Ears UE MINI BOOM Review

Ultimate Ears is expanding its portable wireless speaker lineup which up until today was only made up from a single offering, the incredible UE Boom speaker. A year ago Logitech introduced the UE Mobile Boombox under a joined Logitech UE brand which still exists today, however, Ultimate Ears is now coming out with its own near-identical version dubbed the UE Mini Boom. The $100 mini wireless Bluetooth speaker boasts a number of enhancements over its UE Mobile Boombox predecessor - namely wireless dual-speaker mode funtionality we've seen first introduced with the UE Boom, but carries with it the same familiar svelte rubberized design. What makes the UE Mini Boom a better speaker than its predecessor, or more importantly, should you invest in two for the price of a single UE Boom speaker in order to create a more affordable wireless dual speaker setup? Let's find out!

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Eton Rukus XL Review

We haven't reviewed many solar powered speakers on Gadgetmac, and that has partially to do with the fact that they're not a popular bunch to say the least. Though Eton has quite a few impressive new solar powered speaker offerings which are all wirelessly portable and can live off of the sun's powerful rays. Eton's reasonably priced new $200 Rukus XL is one of the more promising wireless solar powered speakers we know of. With a large adjustable solar panel and a built-in rechargeable battery, the Rukus XL can charge itself up while also sharing some its solar juice with any iPhone-shaped device that charges off of USB power through its charging dock-like compartment. On top of that, its got 8 speakers drivers under the hood so getting its point across during an eventful outdoors party won't be much of an issue. Going somewhere Amish? Then check out our full review on the Rukus XL's solar powered prowess after the break!

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Bose SoundLink Mini Review

High-end speaker harbinger Bose, has recently released a much more compact and portable version of its successful $300 SoundLink wireless speaker appropriately named the SoundLink Mini. It's Bose's smallest wireless Bluetooth speaker that competes against offerings from some of the most notable brands in the ferociously competitive portable speaker category. The SoundLink Mini packs innovation, proprietary audio drivers and dual-opposing passive radiators that recreate Bose's signature deep sound beloved by most if not all humans. And if you've already seen our guide for the best wireless portable speakers, well then we've spoiled it for you. But if you haven't cheated already, then we've got a great comparison and review lined up just around the break. How does the SoundLink Mini compare to our top rated portable wireless speaker, and more in the full review down below!

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JBL OnBeat Venue LT Review

Following our most recent review on JBL's hardwired OnBeat Micro speaker dock comes the OnBeat Venue LT - a much larger, more powerful wireless speaker with a Lightning connector dock that's designed to work with Apple's full line of Lightning connector-equipped iDevices including the iPad mini, iPad 4, iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5. After spending an intimate time with the Flip (the best portable speaker of its stature based on our findings) as well as the OnBeat Micro, we now have a clear perception of what we can generally expect from JBL on audio performance terms. The OnBeat Venue LT is a modified and updated version of JBL's original OnBeat Venue, which supported Apple's now obsolete 30-pin Dock Connector. JBL's OnBeat Venue LT pretty much met our expectations, but it isn't without its flaws as you shall soon discover.

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Jawbone Big Jambox Review

Ah yes, Jawbone strikes again with yet another sophisticated, beautifully designed product wanted by virtually anyone that takes a look at it. Jawbone's little portable Jambox speaker is all grown up now, make way for the Big Jambox. A wireless Bluetooth 'SmartSpeaker' that promises big hi-fi sound at $299. We love anything that Jawbone makes, who wouldn't? Jawbone's Big Jambox has a lot to give behind that massive metal grille, we go ears on with a full, in-depth review complete with droolworthy pics right after the big jump!

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