Does Gadgetmac receive free products?

  • Yes. The FTC also requires bloggers to provide disclosures whenever there could be hidden interests and unspoken biased recommendations. Gadgetmac's reviews and recommendations are unbiased and always 100% honest. Products are sent to Gadgetmac writers for free and reviews cannot be purchased. Under no circumstance will you be able to buy a review on Gadgetmac.

We do not accept any remuneration from companies for reviewing or writing about their products. The following may occur with items which do not require to be returned back to the provider:

  • Item may be kept by the reviewer for further use and long-term testing
  • Item may be given away in a contest on Gadgetmac
  • Gadgetmac reviewers and writers have the right to do as they please with what they are allowed to keep as thier own 

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