WWDC Predictions

Tomorrow, Steve Jobs will get up on stage at the keynote of WWDC and announce all the new products from Apple. Even though this year's WWDC has been sort of spoiled by the Gizmodo iPhone leak, it should be interesting to see what he will announce.

1) iPhone 4G/HD: If this doesn't get announced I'll eat my hat! This is almost certain to be announced. With the Gizmodo and vietnam leak this is going to be a sure bet that it will look like this. The main features supposed to be on the new iPhone is a front-facing camera, a higher resolution display, longer battery life, 1Ghz A4 processor, thinner profile and bigger storage.

2) Apple TV: This has goon a while with out an update so WWDC is a prime time for it. This also has had some leaks but this time from engadget. According to their source "think of an iPhone but without a screen." Also their source says that it will have the same internals as a the new iPhone, i.e the 1GHz processor, but only 16Gb of flash storage. However, it supposed to have cloud storage and streaming capabilities. Other features include 1080p output and an impressive price tag of only $99!

3) Mac Pro: Similar to the Apple TV, the Mac Pro has gone almost a year without an update. However this could be because Apple was waiting for the new 6-Core intel processors to put in the flagship model. This would mean that the Mac Pro could have up to 12-Cores! 

 4) Mac Mini: Alike the Apple TV and Mac Pro, the Mac mini has gone a while without an update. Not much to expect, except faster intel core 2 duo chips, more RAM, bigger hard drive and might be a little cheaper.

5) iTunes Music Streaming: Ever since Apple bought the music streaming service, Lala, there has been much speculation about a music streaming service from Apple. And with Apple shutting down the Lala servers on May 31st, WWDC would be the place it would be announced.

Even though there isn't a live video stream of the event, there are many places where you can get live text feeds. Here are some places you can find them.