iOS 5 Features

Along with the announcement of Mac OS X Lion, Apple is also talking about iOS 5. Plenty of new features have been added from things that are defiantly needed, to things that are just something else cool. Lets Start from the begging. (Check After the break)

  1. Notifications-Whole new way of notifications. Notification center aggregates your notifications all into one area. Also all notifications have moved to the top of the screen
  2. News Stand-A place to house all your magazine and newspaper subscriptions.
  3. Twitter integration-The integration will allow a single sign-in allowing a lot of applications to use your Twitter credentials. You will be able to tweet directly from photo gallery instead of inside a twitter client.
  4. Safari Upgrade- Safari mobile now has a reader add-on that will strip out distractions and present the text from a web page without anything extra. Also Reading List, like instapaper is now available to give you a list of pages you want to read later. There will also be Tabbed browsing finally.
  5. Reminders-Nothing special, except remind you to do things based on your location and will sync across devices.
  6. Camera-Faster loading times, camera button right on your lockscreen, new in-device editing options, and volume-up button is also being used as a physical shutter release key.
  7. Mail-Mail will be upgraded with draggable address, flagging, search entire messages, system wide dictionary, and better RTF
  8. iPad Split Keyboard-A new keyboard that will be split in the middle, not really a lot of information on it.
  9. PC/Mac Free-You no longer need a pc/mac to activate your phone. You will be able to take the phone right out of the box. All updates will now be over the air. No more having to connect to your computer and download and install the updates.
  10. Game Center-Game ceneter will be upgraded with adding photos/avatars and new turn-based games now supported on iOS 5.
  11. iMessage-iMessage is a cross device messaging app, much like BBM service. It won't eat up your SMS limits and works over Wi-fi and 3g. You will be able to have group conversation and send photos, videos, contacts. It will also be sync'ed across devices.

I am sure there will be more features that Apple will announce'ed before the release of iOS 5