RedEye mini Let's You Control Other Devices With Your iDevices

ThinkFlood's new RedEye mini is now available to customers. The RedEye mini transforms your iPhone, iPad or ipod Touch into a universal remote much like the Re by NewKinetix. The RedEye mini is much smaller than the Re and plugs into your iDevice's headphone jack instead of the 30pin Dock Connector. With the RedEye mini you can control virtually any device you have in your living room that uses IR (Infrared receiver signal). RedEye mini has a huge built-in IR code database so that will make your life easier when choosing your device of choice to control. Of course you will need to download the free RedEye app in the app store in order to operate the RedEye mini. The RedEye mini will run you $49 and it's available right now.

Source ThinkFlood

Nir Schneider