Sony Unveils Their 4K OLED TV, Unfortunately A Prototype As Of Now

It's Sony's time to shine and they've got 4K OLED to show off at CES today. Back in 2007, Sony outed the first OLED TV that was a measly 11 inches that was met with lackluster enthusiasm from the crowd, as you can imagine. Bigger is always better, or so the saying goes. However now in 2013, they're back with a vengeance and have come out with something much bigger and more impressive.

It has been confirmed that a 56 inch 4K OLED TV prototype is in the works and has been revealed on the CES floor. As you can imagine, 4K displays has been a goal for many manufacturers and to say the least, the quality is stunning. The quality of the OLED display aims to show much crisper and "organic" color and picture and with the combination of 4K resolution, you might not ever take your eyes off it after the first look. Sadly, we have to keep in mind that this is still a prototype with no announcement on pricing or availability yet, but you can bet Sony's 4K resolution and OLED combo will cost a pretty penny. 

Apple Wants Its iPhone 5 Prototype Back (Video)

Apple really wants to find that missing iPhone 5 prototype and Conan loves to poke fun at Apple by making parody videos in similar Apple ad fashion. In case you've been living under a rock, Apple managed to lose yet another iPhone prototype in a bar and is currently doing everything it can to find it. 

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iPhone 5 Prototype Lost At A Bar, Yes Again

Here it goes again. And I'm not talking about OK Go. Apple reportedly lost yet another iPhone prototype, this time it's likely to be the upcoming iPhone 5 by an employee at a bar called Cava 22 in San Francisco. Sounds familiar? That's because this has happened in a very familiar fashion with the iPhone 4 last year, which Gizmodo bought from someone who purchased it from the guy who found it at the bar for $5,000. I find it hard to believe that such kind of stupidity could happen twice. CNET reports that Apple has tried tracking their iPhone prototype but it is yet to be found. It's also reported that the iPhone 5 prototype has already been sold on Craigslist for only $200 by the person who found it at the Cava 22 bar. It isn't clear yet if the iPhone 5 prototype was disguised in an iPhone 4-like casing like Apple has done with the iPhone 4 prototype is has lost in the bar last year which was disguised inside an iPhone 3G-like casing. 

At this time, the alleged iPhone 5 prototype is still roaming free in the wild and might even appear on the interwebs once the whole world finds out about this story. Yet again.

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Nokia Prototype Hands On

Technobuffalo has got their hands on a new Nokia Prototype which could be the next N-Series phone from Nokia. The phone is running the S60 OS but this could just be for testing purposes as the old Symbian platform will not make it onto and more N-Series devices, as it is going to be replaced by the newer MeeGo OS.  The prototype is packed full of features and cool stuff including:

  • NAM 3G Bands (850/1900)
  • nHD Display (640 X 360)
  • Full Slide out QWERTY keyboard
  • 4″ Capacitive multi-touch display
  • Front facing camera (VGA?) with LED Flash
  • Rear 8MPX camera with Dual LED Flash
  • WiFi, Bluetooth
  • HDMI Out

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