The iPhone 5 Officially Revealed

Finally, we can let go of our breaths now. The iPhone 5 has officially been unveiled at Apple's keynote presentation today at the Yerba Buena Center. Before you join the millions of anticipating customers waiting to preorder the latest and greatest, let us do you a favor and shed some light on what occurred within those walls. 

If you have been following the rumors that were being steadily leaked since a couple of months ago, then you already have the official iPhone 5 in your head. Macrumors and 9to5mac have done an extremely accurate job at releases these rumors and it turns out, just about everything has come true. Apple's flagship device comes in a stunning aluminum and glass body that they allows the iPhone 5 to shed 20% of the old iPhone's weight, appearing 18% more sexy than before. Featuring the long awaited 4" Retina display that boasts 1136 x 640 pixels, it retains its original width that we find on the iPhone 4/S but with an increase in height.

The traditional 30-pin dock connector has also been replaced. In place of it is now a much smaller 9-pin connector that Apple calls the Lightning connector. This much smaller connector leaves more room for other important additions such as larger speakers that Apple has been known to lack. Don't worry, you don't have to repurchase all of the dock accessories you've ever purchased. Apple is selling a lighning connector to 30-pin connector along with the iPhone. 

To our dismay, Apple has chosen to stick with the same old 8 megapixel rear facing camera but with a thinner sensor and a sapphire crystal lens cover. However, some new features you'll find on the iPhone 5 are the built-in panorama capability and improved photo capture speeds as well as low-light performance. As for on-the-go video production, the iPhone 5 is capable of 1080p HD video. The front-facing camera has gotten a boost too. Capable of 720p HD video, the FaceTime HD Camera is what they're calling it, can send clear and crisp FaceTime or Skype videos on 3G/LTE or Wi-Fi. Keep in mind that if you're on AT&T and without a Mobile Share plan, you're stuck on Wi-Fi only. 

Now that you're done drooling over the exterior, we're ready to take you through an inside tour. As expected and long overdue, the iPhone 5 will come with 4G LTE capabilities on the three major US carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint), and will also be compatible with other carriers around the world. As for Wi-Fi, the iPhone 5 got a buff on that too. 

A reason why Apple has been so behind on 4G availability to their iconic mobile device has been the huge hit on battery life. Now, not only has Apple solved that issue, they improved the battery life from the iPhone 4/S. The iPhone 5 is now capable of up to 8 hours of use on 3G or LTE, 10 hours on Wi-Fi, and a mighty 225 hours of standby time.

With speedy connectivity, Apple had to also include a speedy processor. Jumping to an A6 processor that is double what its predecessor was, the new processor will be able to handle the latest and most demanding apps available. 

Call quality has not been a huge issue for the iPhone, but Apple has made it even better with one more microphone, racking it up to three in total. These microphones will be located in the front, the back, and the bottom for improved voice recognition for Siri and better noise cancellation. 

Apple will have both the black and white versions available for preorder and he black version comes in a black anodized aluminum back while the white version is the raw silver/grey colored aluminum. 

Now for the hit on your credit card. The iPhone 5 is priced at $199, $299, and $399 for the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models, respectively with a new two year contract. The iPhone 4S has been discounted to $99 and the iPhone 4 is free with a new two year contract. If for some reason, you were looking forward to the 3GS, you would have to look at 3rd party retailers. 

Be ready to preorder on Friday, September 14th and expect to be rocking the iPhone 5 on September 21st. 

Apple's Next Generation iPhone 5 Dock Connector Cable Surfaces

Here it is, the purported redesigned iPhone 5 Dock Connector 2 cable with the smaller 8-pin connector, fully assembled in all of its white cable glory. The photo was leaked by a Chinese accessory vendor today via Twitter. It it rumored that Apple is moving to towards this new connector and will be implementing it in all of its hand-held devices after using the iconic 30-pin connector for years.

Nir Schneider


The New iPhone 5 Charge & Sync Connector Leaked

Rumor and speculation talks of a smaller, redesigned Dock Connector port circling the soon to be released iPhone 5 have just become all the more plausible with hard core evidence of some leaked parts of what is said to be the iPhone 5's new 8-pin Dock Connector plug with a MagSafe-like design. The parts show a much rounded charge and sync plug without the cable attached that matches recent hardware leaks of the iPhone 5's redesigned Dock Connector port. Nowhereelse reports that these parts are yet to be confirmed , but we're seeing the big picture already. And we think Apple is indeed going smaller with the iPhone 5 to save valuable space in hopes of making a much better charge and sync experience for iPhone users.

Nir Schneider


iPhone 5 Must Have This Volume + Mute Button Switch Hybrid

Concepts make us want things that aren't even in reality. And while many concepts seem impossible, this one just might see the day of light. Apple, are you taking notes? This silent switch combines volume buttons into one volume rocker button that also acts as the silent/mute switch resulting in a all-in-one volume muting hybrid switch button. Seems plausible enough to us and we really wish this is something Apple will revolutionise with the iPhone 5. Because after all, it's these small details that make a product even better. We have designer, Anton Kudin, to thank for this wonderfully sleek Volume + Mute concept.

Nir Schneider


iPhone 5 Physical Mockup Is Beautiful

The alleged iPhone 5 is starting to take shape after case leaks suggested a redesigned body with iPad 2-like characteristics. Until now we've seen countless renders of how the iPhone 5 will supposedly look like, but now an actual physical mockup of an iPhone 5 was made based on recent case leaks and hardware components. 

Based on CAD designs, hardware components, several leaked hints, cases and recent, believable mockups we created a three-dimensional computer model. This virtual model was then used to build a very detailed, true prototype that you can hold in your own two hands. 

The process to create this prototype is the same that’s used to create the iPad. The back was machined from a sold block of aluminium, which was later treated with glass pearls to get the same slightly rough touch that we already know from the iPad.

iPhone 5 mockup on the right

We've seen exact physical mockups of the iPad 2 week before it was released that have proven to be on point thanks to various case leaks of the iPad 2. This iPhone 5 mockup could really be what Apple has up its sleeve for when it will announce the next new iPhone on October 4.

Nir Schneider


Case-Mate Teases With iPhone 5 Cases

We previously reported that Case-Mate had put up a notification page letting its customers know that it'll have iPhone 5 cases ready as soon as the iPhone 5 will be released. Case-Mate has recently released its renders for its iPhone 5 cases and how they will look like on the radically redesigned iPhone 5. Is Case-Mate really desperate for some free coverage or does it really have reliable inside information as to the specific design and dimensions of the iPhone 5? Investing time and money in designing these iPhone 5 cases sure does look like Case-Mate actually have concrete information. From these iPhone 5 renders, it looks like the back side is designed similarly to the iPad 2 using aluminum. Case-Mate has since removed its iPhone 5 cases page. Rumors point out to an early October release of the much anticipated iPhone 5.

Nir Schneider


Purported iPhone 5 Case VS. iPhone 4, Big Difference

As we reported in these past few weeks of new cases suggesting a drastically redesigned iPhone 5, more details have now surfaced showing exactly how big of a change there is between the redesigned iPhone 5 against the current iPhone 4. By the looks of it, the purported iPhone 5 case above points to a wider and slightly longer iPad 2 and iPod Touch 4G-like form factor with a relocated silent switch.

We could be totally off the guessing game though.This case might even suggest a newly redesigned iPod Touch 5G with a large screen while keeping its steep contoured design. It would make sense for Apple to enlarge the screen size of their beloved portable gaming device. I don't feel like ditching the blocky design of the iPhone 4 for the more iPod Touch 4G-like design makes sense because of how less comfortable it is to hold. You can see a lot more comparisson photos over at Macitynet.

Nir Schneider