CalypsoCase Endless, Alcantara Sleeve Case For iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C

CalypsoCrystal has announced that its new CalypsoCase Endless edition is now available for Apple's iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C devices. Instead of using premium Italian leather, CalypsoCrystal took a more contemporary approach that is more affordable than its more luxurious leather offerings. The new CalypsoCase Endless sleeve case boasts Alcantara, an Italian synthetic suede material known to be found covering the interiors of luxury sports cars as it feels very soft and smooth, while also having extremely durable characteristics. For added strength and reinforced protection, the CalypsoCase Endless features an integrated  titanium support frame that keeps the sleeve rigid and your device protected in case you were to drop it.

CalypsoCrystal's new handcrafted CalypsoCase Endless edition is available now in a flurry of 12 vivid flavors for $64. Oh but they didn't forget about Android users, because there's also a version for Samsung's Galaxy S4 too.

Treat Your iPhone 5S With The Solace Case By Element Case

Element Case's latest case, the Solace, is compatible with both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. The Solace combines cues from Element Case's Ronin and the now discontinued Vapor Comp hybrid machined aluminum cases to form an all-new body constructed out of one durable polycarbonate-made chassis featuring CNC machined aluminum top and bottom crowns, as well as integrated control buttons. The Solace case has a sleek and slim profile that is finished off with a metallic matte soft-touch coating creating an enhanced tactile grip.

Like the Ronin, the Solace provides an ergonomic grip thanks to its bowed shape and uses the same four-screw design for installation. Element Case's Solace case for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S is available now in satin black, pearl gray metallic, deep blue metallic and Italian red for $80.  

Champagne Gold iPhone 5S Case, Elegant Protection You Don't Need To Wait For

Can't wait until Apple officially releases its Champagne encrusted iPhone 5S? Spigen has taken the liberty to introduce a golden champagne-colored Saturn case featuring a brushed aluminum back panel with a slim and lightweight snap-on style design fit to protect the iPhone 5, and even the iPhone 5S once it's released which needless to say will be the perfect case to match. The Saturn has been designed to compliment the original two-tone styling of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, and we have to say we're warming up to the idea of combining metallic champagne gold with white.

Spigen's new Champagne Gold Saturn case will be available in the coming days for $25. We've got a feeling this is only the beginning. Expect a ton of complimenting champagne gold iPhone 5S cases in the coming weeks.

Spigen Releases iPhone 5S Cases With Air Cushion Protection

Although not officially announced, Spigen has taken the liberty to start naming its new cases as iPhone 5S compatible. And of course, presumably there won't be any design differences, any iPhone 5S case will also be backwards compatible with the iPhone 5. Spigen has released what it claims to be its most protective and rugged case yet, the Tough Armor - a dual-layer Slim Armor-follow up case featuring a TPU layer with air-gap corners that help absorb shock and impacts as well as a hard outer polycarbonate shell. Lastly, an extra thick lip periphery will protect the iPhone's screen even when using a tempered glass screen protector. Spigen claims that its Touch Armor case is thinner and less bulkier than some of Otterbox's extremely protective cases, yet even so it offers the same amount of protection thanks to how it has been designed. The Touch Armor case is now available for $30 in multiple colors, and fits both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.

Spigen's second new case release to feature its air cushioning technology is called the Ultra Hybrid, which is a slim combination of a shock-absorbing TPU band featuring Spigen's air-gap corner protection melded with a crystal clear hard polycarbonate back design. The Ultra Hybrid's TPU band creates an even raised protection on either side to help protect both the iPhone's screen as well as the clear hard polycarbonate back from getting scratched from various surfaces. Spigen's Ultra Hybrid case is compatible with both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, comes in black or gray and sells for $13.

LifeProof Outs Nuud Waterproof Screenless iPhone 5 Case

LifeProof is back in action, and this time the company has come up with an ingenious way of getting rid of the integrated plastic screen shield that has plagued its previous iPhone cases with all sorts of issues. The new Nuud case for the iPhone 5 is a hybrid of LifeProof's Nuud case for the iPad and the Fre case for the iPhone 5. As a result, the Nuud case for the iPhone 5 features a sleek and slim profile designed to provide water and drop-protection including a new watertight "screenless" periphery allowing you to touch the bare glass of the iPhone 5 for the optimal touchscreen experience. LifeProof says that while the Nuud exposes the iPhone's glass screen, the case is designed to protect it against drops using a raised edge that surrounds the screen keeping it recessed.

The Nuud for the iPhone 5 may very well be the must-have waterproof case thanks to its good looking slim protective profile, all-clear backside and screenless design. But we'll be sure to put the Nuud to the test when we get our hands on it soon. While the Nuud isn't yet available, we know that it'll initially be available in black and white for $90 - $10 more than the Fre. As of now, Best Buy is the only place where you can secure a pre-order of the new Nuud iPhone 5 case in white only

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Mophie Juice Pack Plus, An iPhone 5 Battery Case With More Power & Protection

If you're a power user, chances are your iPhone 5 is in dire need of an energy supplement. The kind that actually works. Mophie is your dealer, and now it has a third battery case to fill its lineup and it's called the Juice Pack Plus. Unlike the company's previous released Juice Pack Helium and Juice Pack Air iPhone 5 battery cases, the Juice Pack Plus is a $120 case with a huge emphasis on drop protection thanks to its rubberized shock-absorbing band that acts as a protective bumper. Of course the Plus moniker is for added power, which means the Juice Pack Plus features a respectfully decent sized battery capacity of 2100mAh, that's an extra 400mAh compared to the $100 Juice Pack Air.

Mophie is claiming that the Juice Pack Plus will more than double the battery life of the iPhone 5 by up to 120% for all-day usage, but we'll reserve judgement until we get our hands on it to test that claim for ourselves though. The Juice Pack Plus for the iPhone 5 is the thickest of Mophie's battery cases coming in at 0.70" thick. The case features integrated buttons including a silent/mute switch for easy operation, and is available now in matte black, red and glossy white color options for $120.

A near-identical Juice Pack Plus battery case rival - the Atomic Plus by Maxboost, offers a massive 3000mAh internal battery capacity while sharing the same exact thickness at a more reasonable $70 price point. We're disappointed that Mophie isn't stepping it up in the performance to price ratio department, because clearly it can be done.

Sector 5 Black Ops Elite, The Ultimate In Tactical iPhone 5 Cases

In case you've missed it, Element Case has made its Sector 5 series of aluminum hybrid iPhone 5 bumper cases even more epic using a new type of back insert designed with an integrated tactical spring metal pocket/belt/money clip, and CNC machined from an ultra durable and grippy G10 material made by Hogue. The Sector 5 Black Ops Elite case is part of a new tactical geared lineup which includes upgrades like knurled G10 side grip detail and an integrated knurled aluminum sleep/wake button. If you thought that was it, there's more. The aluminum is coated for military durability using a type 3 hard-anodized matte military-spec finish (T3). Element Case's Sector 5 Black Ops Elite is available in black and desert tan colors with your choice of a Hogue G10 back plate for a whopping $220.