JBL Announces Synchros Line Of On-Ear, Over-Ear Headphones

JBL has really stepped up is game today with the introduction of its new Synchros line of on-ear and over-ear headphones that consists of two powered over-ear headphones - the S700 (right), S500 as well as an on-ear pair called the S300 (left). Notably however, is JBL's flagship S700 headphones which are said to offer professional sound performance, robust build quality and comfort with a $350 price tag. The S700 feature a die-cast aluminum frame, acoustic ear cup design with leather cushions and woven cordura accents, LiveStage DSP for a life-like soundstage, 50mm drivers with JBL's proprietary PureBass technology that deliver deep, rich lows, detachable audio cable with an in-line 3-button remote and mic, and a built-in rechargeable battery to power all that hardware and technology. Surprisingly though, none of JBL's new headphones have active noise-cancellation. Jump past the break for the full details on each pair. 

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Harman Kardon Outs Soho Headphones Dipped In Chic European Design, Quality Sound

Harman Kardon has unveiled its latest headphones today, the $200 Soho on-ear headphones. The Soho are a more portable version of the company's outstanding CL on-ear headphones that can fold down flat to save space, and feature smaller 30mm drivers compared to the 40mm drivers housed inside the now discounted $160 CL headphones. Even though the Soho have smaller drivers in them, Harman Kardon promises they'll deliver the company's pedigree rich sounding bass and crystal clear highs that audiophiles will approve of. Designed with Harman Kardon's signature premium sophistication, the Soho are built with a stainless steel and stitched genuine leather headband while their rectangular ear cups have soft on-ear cushions for prolonged comfortable wearability.

Harman Kardon SOHO stereo headphones featuring a distinctive new look. Combining premium style in black, white or camel with a heritage of high-frequency clarity and stunning bass, Harman Kardon SOHO headphones are designed to appeal to the designer, as well as the audiophile, in everyone. 

Harman Kardon's Soho headphones are available in a choice of detachable audio cables: a universal remote/mic for Android users, or an Apple iOS- compatible remote/mic for iPhone users. They're offered in a choice of black, white and camel flavors for $200, are now available for pre-order and will ship in early November. 

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Marshall Monitor Headphones Taunt Studio-Quality Sound For $200

In rock n' roll spirit that is Marshall, the company announced its second pair of speaker-inspired cans today since the first debut of the Major on-ear headphones back in 2010. Marshall's new Monitor are an over-ear designed headphones that deliver superior noise isolation with supple black vinyl leather cushions. Equipped with low-distortion 40mm drivers, the Monitor also feature a dual-sided detachable coiled audio cable with a one-button remote and mic, as well as a compact collapsible construction so you can take them on the road with you.

Here's what Marshall has to say about the Monitor's studio-quality sound performance:

Resonating with the power of live performance, Monitor produces deep bass with extended highs and natural, well-balanced mids. Its custom-made low distortion 40mm drivers cover the entire frequency range. Even at high playback levels, the sound is punchy and dynamic. With the Monitor’s F.T.F. system, you can choose your own sound experience ¬– a warmer, laid back sound, or a brighter and clearer sound.

The magnetic detachable ear cushions let you easily adjust the unique F.T.S filter insert to create a more customized sound output by controlling the amount of treble to better fit your liking or a specific genre of music. Marshall's Monitor headphones will sell for $200 when they hit store shelves in early May.

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Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset By Monster, You'll Want A Pair

Nokia's well designed Purity HD headset just got a well deserved upgrade from cheeky to Pro. Nokia's latest attempt at making seriously good headphones with Monster is the result of the new Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset designed to fit Nokia's bold line of beautiful Lumia handsets. The difference in the Pro moniker is obviously a new wireless Bluetooth connectivity over the wired Purity HD model, but that's not all. The Purity Pro integrates NFC for quick tap to pair and features an over-ear design, active noise-cancellation with on-board music playback and call control buttons, a foldable construction for convenient carry and a standard 3.5mm detachable audio cable for when your battery runs.

You'll also find other small and helpful features like an automatic power-on feature when unfolding the headphones, and sensors that turn on the active noise-cancellation only when you wear the Purity Pro which will help conserve battery.

We understand that people want the best possible audio experience from a headset. When listening to music with the Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset by Monster, the ambient noise that surrounds most people in everyday life is cancelled out by the ANC. What you hear is just the music and nothing else – the way it should be. ANC only activates when your wearing the Purity Pro, thanks to one of the many sensors built into the headset. And in fact it activates on the moment you put the headset on. Not only is this great use of technology, but it also saves battery life, too – as does the ‘unfold to power on’ function.

And while the svelte glossy polycarbonate styling remained the same for the most part, the Purity Pro headphones have larger over-ear cups which aid in blocking out external noise and should be more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Nokia says the color isn't a painted on finish but rather ingrained into the polycarbonate material so that scuffs and scratches will be less visible. Nokia's wireless pro cans are now available for a not so affordable $350 bucks compared to the $200 Purity HD - in black, red, yellow and white flavors. No cyan or magenta as a part of the new color scheme sadly.

Nixon Releases ‘The Stylus’, Headphones For The Traveling Audiophile

If you’re not completely overwhelmed by all the headphones on the market already, take a look at the newest offering from Nixon. Beginning with watches, Nixon slowly began to branch out in their lineups with apparel, bags, and headphones. The Stylus is a brand new headphone that is built for the user who is on the go with its folding headband design. It still packs a punch with a powerful, low-distortion driver that can handle any preference of music smoothly. It uses memory foam ear cushions for easy comfort and a removable mini-coil cable for when you need the extra extension. Using a 3-button remote and being mic compatible makes sure it works with your smartphone perfectly. It all comes together in a protective travel pouch and can be picked up now for $130 at participating retailers.

Skullcandy Crusher Headphones Vibrate Deep Bass

Skullcandy was once known for its outlandish, affordable, mediocre sounding headphones. But that was then. These days, Skullcandy's higher-end headphones actually do sound good for the price. And we wouldn't be surprised to hear Skullcandy's latest and greatest, comfortable-looking over-ear headphones pack a solid punch of audio for the price. The Crusher are Skullcandy's new mainstream designed $100 pair of plastic constructed, closed back cans. But these aren't just another pair of headphones, because the Crusher features an independent vibrating driver which is supposed to deliver that extra bit of THUMP right beside the 40mm speaker driver in both ear cups. Much like a tweeter and woofer setup, but not quite. Users will be able to adjust the intensity of the vibration using the on-board control. This interesting setup should help the Crusher pump out satisfying bass that vibrates into your skull while retaining the necessary clarity in the sound. Or so they say.

Skullcandy's Crusher headphones will be battery powered of course. Because after all, there's a lot of sound that needs pushing. They can fold up for portable carry or storage, and also feature a dethable audio cable with an in-line remote and mic. You'll be able to pick up a pair in red, white and black this March. You can bet these will be awesome for dubstep.

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Sol Republic Master Tracks Over-Ear Headphones Announced

Sol Republic is kicking it at CES 2013 with its latest pair of cans, the new $200 Master Tracks. These are Sol Republics first pair of over-ear headphones to come out since the debut of the $100 - $150 Tracks and Tracks HD on-ear offerings which we had the pleasure of reviewing last year. The Master Tracks stay true to the unique Sol Republic concept of having the superior durability as well as the ability to completely dissemble into three individual parts for portability. Sonically, the Master Tracks feature Sol Republic's newly developed X3 "Sound Engines" promise true sound that's balanced with powerful bass, clear highs and vocal accuracy. The articulating over-ear cups are padded with SonicSoft cushions for optimized noise isolation and comfort.

Like the Tracks and Tracks HD headphones, the Master Tracks have an interchangeable headband which you could swap for a different colored one if you wish to customize a personal look for your Masters. The detachable tangle-free audio cable includes an in-line 3-button remote with mic that lets you control your music playback, take and make calls on the go. You can pre-order yours starting today for $200 in a gunmetal color. The Master Tracks will start to ship on February 25.

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