iSkin Revo4 Case for iPhone 4

I have been a long time user of the original iSkin Revo for the first iPhone for about 2 years, and that case has been thru so much and kept my iPhone safe and sound for such a long time. It's amazing how after that much time, the Revo held up so well it could have served me for many more years. And now we have the new iSkin Revo4 case for the iPhone 4. This case is one of my favorite cases of all time for the iPhone, and the iPhone 4 version is just as good as past generations. The Revo4 is a very tough silicone case that offers complete protection for your iPhone 4. 


After easily slipping in my iPhone 4 into the Revo4 I felt that it gave my device such a great amount of protection that I felt so confident that I wouldn't worry about dropping my iPhone 4 on the ground, even if it landed face down. Because of how the front face is covered by the silicone it offers great protection. You can see that the touchscreen is a bit recessed due to the thickness of the silicone layer, this also allows the clear polycarbonate visor to sit complete flush with the Revo4 case. Now because of how the touchscreen is a bit recessed it's a bit hard to reach to touch the edges of the screen once you need to, however after getting used to using it that way it becomes less annoying, definitely something to know about though.

Like the recessed front, there is a similar situation on the back of the Revo4 and that is so that when you are using your iPhone 4 you want to clip your protective visor to the back for storing. Once the visor is clipped onto the back, it to is recessed and it sits completely flush with the back of the case so you don't even notice it's there. The visor is a very impressive feature that is very useful when you're not using your touchscreen and want extra protection for your glass screen. It works just flawlessly and I use it all the time without having to worry about losing my visor. You don't need to worry about answering a call if you have your visor up because it's very easy and quick to take off should you need to answer a call.

The Revo4 has very precise and easily accessible cutouts for your silent switch, camera + flash, headphone jack + mic, speaker & mic and proximity sensor. The volume, home button and sleep/wake buttons are covered and are extremely responsive and easy to press. The Revo4 has a great little feature that is a built-in dock connector port cover which works great and provides extra protection against dust and lint from getting into your connectors. Speaking of dust and lint, the Revo4 does attract a bit of that but they easily wipe off with a cleaning cloth. I found now flash issues when using the camera in the dark. 

The Revo4 is simply an amazing protective and tough case for the iPhone 4. The design is very form-fitting to all the iPhone 4's curves. While adding a bit of bulk, you will find out that it isn't that bad once you hold it in your hand and put it in your pocket. The amount of protection you're getting by far outweighs that bulk. 

Got grip? The Revo4's micro texture is so grippy that even if your hands are wet you will still have a strong hold of your iPhone 4. This grippy texture is almost all over the Revo4 except for the front side. If you have some tight pants you could still fit the Revo4 inside because of the attached visor, it will help a bit with the friction. I would highly recommend the Revo4 as one of the best drop protective cases for the iPhone 4. The Revo4 is available in four colors. Price $39.99.