SwitchEasy Pure Anti-Reflect+ for iPhone 4

Screen protectors seem like a dime a dozen nowadays, and with so many to choose from, which one is the best? Even though I rarely use screen protectors, SwitchEasy's new Pure+ line of screen protectors look like they could very well be the best screen protectors I have ever purchased. Catch the full review of the SwitchEasy Pure Anti-Reflect+ for the iPhone 4 after the break.

Now, before I even talk about how awesome these screen shields are, I must first discuss one of the most important factors: the installation process. For me, installing screen shields on my iPhone used to be very tedious and frustrating, These screen shields proved to be not too difficult to install and SwitchEasy even provides a set of instructions so that the application is smooth and easy. I found that the best way to install the Pure+ was to first peel off half of the adhesive side, align the screen shield up with the front facing camera, and slowly push down with a credit card until full installed. Same goes with the back side screen shield, line up the flash first, and slowly push down. 

At first glance you will notice some very precise cutouts, there is a large cutout for the home button, and two individual cutouts for the front facing camera and the speaker, yet another reason I love these screen shields, most companies have one large cutout for the front facing camera and the speaker, SwitchEasy's don't. Moving to the backside of the film you have one large cutout for the flash and the 5 megapixel camera. I have had no problems with washed out pictures when taking photos and using the camera with flash enabled.

After a few days of general usage I must say that the quality of these screen shields are absolutely phenomenal. No yellowing, lifting, or bubbling of the screen protectors had occurred, even while using my very tight fitting SwitchEasy TRIM. The feel of the Pure+ is very nice and smooth, gliding my hand across the unlock screen was perfect and there were no smudges or fingerprints of any kind that I could see. 

If you've ever used a matte screen shield before then you know that the quality and visuals of the screen may decrease. Unfortunately, this is also the case with the Pure+. The screen protectors make the LCD seem somewhat grainy and ruins the quality of the gorgeous retina display, (text still looks sharper and more visible than older generation iPhone LCD's) but that's the price you have to pay for no fingerprints.

I'm absolutely loving the Pure Anti-Glare+ as of the moment and these get my full recommendation. If you can get past the grainy screen quality, then you are going to be in for a treat with the Pure Anti-Reflect+ from SwitchEasy. The Pure Anti-Reflect+ is available on SwitchEasy's website for $17.99 and includes two sets of front and back protectors, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and an application squeegee.