Case Scenario Pantone Universe Case for iPhone 4

Case Scenario's Pantone licensed iPhone 4 case collection are made to look like a color swatch you would use to pick out a specific color. If you're serious about your colors, the Pantone iPhone 4 case collection is available in nine different color variations with the exact color code referenced on the back. These back snap-on cases have a scratch resistant coating and supposedly long lasting glossy color finish. Check out the full review after the break. 

Right off the bat the bat Case Scenario's scratch resistant coating isn't so resistant to scratches and I found quite a few all over the back side of the case. It's nothing too concerning since the scratches don't hurt the color finish but these Pantone cases are certainly prone to scratches. If you're a fan of color swatches then these Pantone iPhone 4 cases are really something else. They look really cool and have a high quality finish except for the scratch resistant finish claim. The Pantone case easily snaps onto the back of your iPhone 4 and provides minimal protection without any front screen protection what so ever. Case Scenario does include one clear front screen protector which the Pantone case will not bubble up nor will it bubble up any other screen protector you might want to use with it.

The Pantone case is made out of hard plastic and has a very thin form factor and will not add any bulk to the iPhone 4. Since this is a very simple back snap-on case, all your buttons, headphone port and dock connector are easily accessible and uncovered. The Pantone case fits the iPhone 4 really well and looks just like a long color swatch. The sides of the Pantone case are textured for better grip, though you won't have much added grip since this case has a glossy finish to it and these textured sides are not all that grippy. 

The camera and LED flash cutout is perfectly cut and does not interfere while taking pictures while using flash. The Pantone case isn't all that focused on protecting your iPhone 4, however it does look amazingly unique. Then again if you are not seeking much protection for your iPhone 4 then the Pantone case would be a great choice. These Pantone cases are also available for the iPad. Price $TBA.

Nir Schneider