iChair Stand Cases for iPhone 4 & iPad

iChair is one of the new case companies that made its first debut in CES 2011 brining new cases with a twist for both the iPhone 4 and iPad. The iChair case has a built-in kickstand on the back on both the iPhone 4 and iPad case. The iChair for the iPad does feature a more robust stand system than the one found on the iPhone 4 case that also allows you to use your iPad for typing. We have the full review of these new and unique slider cases right after the cut.

Every iChair case comes with a spare top piece at a different color which you can choose when you order yours. This lets you have two color options that you can change yourself and I love that iChair decided to do this. You have the option to choose from white and blue as your spare top piece so that you can mix and match  to get a different look. The iChair has a slider style design and both the iPhone 4 and iPad slide in very easily. The outside finish on both the iChair cases is a very smooth feeling, matte soft-touch finish and in both cases, shows oily fingerprints and attract a bit of lint. The insides of these cases are different, the iPad has a felt lining whereas the iPhone 4 case has a soft but firm rubbery-like material. 

Let's talk about the iChar for the iPad first. As I stated earlier the inside of the case is lined with a felt material which is supposed to keep the back of your iPad from getting scratched, however it's a bit problematic because it tends to attract a lot of dust and small debris and eventually end up scratched the back of your iPad if you don't clean it before sliding in your iPad. The iChar case for the iPad feels very robust and well made in the hand and it doesn't add much bulk to the iPad even when it has two flip-out stand integrated on the back. The cutouts for the ports and buttons are neat and make for an easy reach. You can use most headphone plugs without any problems and the same goes for the dock connector port. 

I really loved using the iChar case with the iPad. It's very easy to type with using the little fold-out tab that makes a perfect angle for typing on the iPad. The bigger stand has a swivel feature to it so that you can position the flip-out stand in both landscape and portrait angles. The stand feels secure when it's opened up and the iPad is angled at the perfect viewing angle in both positions. The iChair case for the iPad works brilliantly well using all its features with the iPad. It feels like a very protective case and it also offers a minimal lay-on-the-table design for the iPad's screen. I love how the fold-out stands on the back sit flush inside the case and don't bother you when you're holding your iPad. The iChair case for the iPad is one of the best performing multi-tasking cases available right now. Your screen protectors will not get bubbled up using the iChair case.

The two parts of the iChar case come together nicely but there is a tiny gap present between the two on both the iPhone 4 and iPad cases. It's nothing too obvious and there is not bezel showing thru. The iChair case for the iPhone 4 has the same slider style design as the iChair case for the iPad and features a flip-out kickstand on the back so that you can set your iPhone 4 in both portrait and landscape angles. The big issue I have with the stand on the case for the iPhone 4 is that the portrait angle is too steep making it not an ideal viewing angle for everyone. It's also not the most stable angle to interact with the touch screen. 

Like the iChair case for the iPad, the iPhone 4 case feels very sturdy and fits the iPhone 4 spot-on but does add a little bit of bulk. The same cutouts found on the iChair case for the iPad are on the iPhone 4 case and iChair even says that the iChair case for the iPhone 4 is compatible with the Verizon iPhone 4 as well. I cannot confirm nor deny this at the moment. I really like the look and feel of the iChair cases and the fact that you have the option to change up the colors of the case makes it that much better. I did run into flash issues using the white and blue top pieces with the iPhone 4 causing washed out images when using the LED flash. No issues using the all black iChair case though. 

At the end of the day the iChair case for the iPad does perform better than the iChair case for the iPhone 4. I don't think the iPhone 4 case is a bad case and I did enjoy using it. The kickstand does come in handy but it's not something I would use with the iPhone 4 like I would with the iPad. Even if you don't use the kickstand on the iChair case for the iPhone 4, I still think it makes for a great protective case. It feels great in the hand and I really like the option of changing up the colors of the case. I think the iChair case is most needed for the iPad and not as much for a small device like the iPhone 4. You are going to get the most for your money with the iChair case for the iPad thats for sure. iChair case for iPad price $49. iChair case for iPhone 4 price $34.

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