Future Sonics Atrio M5 Professional In-Ear Earphones

The Atrio M5 by Future Sonics may looks like a pair of in-ears straight from the future, at a time where earphones don't look as pretty and modern in some weird way, but the one thing these blue pair of curvy in-ears were designed for is sound. And boy oh boy do the Atrio M5 pack a punch of professional, studio quality sound.  Future Sonics may not be very known to most, but they are a brand that is well known in the musician and audiophile community. We've got the latest revision of the Atrios which have Future Sonics' very own proprietary MG7 10mm dynamic drivers. Don't miss the full review right after the break.

Starting off, the Atrio M5 don't look very appealing to the everyday user who seeks something that both looks and sounds great. I'm disappointed in the almost careless design aspect of the Atrio M5 and I think that in these days, design is something that is very important to most people, especially something that you wear in public. That's where the very expensive Beats By Dre and Monster line of headphones and earphones have took a high demand because of how good they look. The curvy design of the Atrio M5 also bare a bulky form factor that is larger than most in-ears on the market. This may be because of the large 10mm drivers that are packed into these though. 

Moving onto the build quality of these in-ears you will find the Atrio M5 to look and feel extremely cheap. The shiny plastic enclosure and the very light weight makes these feel like a cheap pair of earphones. I was not a fan of the build quality from my first impressions of the Atrio M5 and I really think that for the asking price, Future Sonics' should have at least invested more time into the design and materials used to create these in-ears. I rarely criticise earphones for their build quality, even at far less expensive prices. Compared to popular offerings currently on the market, the Atrio M5 don't come close in terms of design and build quality. 

The Atrio M5 may have lost the design and build quality round, however they are coming back to life in the comfort and accessory round. As you can see here, the Atrio M5 are retrofitted with some of the best accessories you could ever wish for. All off these different types of ear tips ranging from soft memory foam to triple flanged silicone tips are key factors for an outstanding noise-isolation performance and most importantly, comfort. Depending on what you find to best suit your needs, I found both the foam tips and silicone tips to be extremely comfortable in my ears using the normal sizes provided. Professional equipment calls for professional accessories such as these foam tips. They provide a great deal of background noise-isolation that even active and powered noise-cancelling headphones won't top.

Another home run in the very generous and professional care accessory package is a very unique carrying case that is made by Passchal out of recycled tire inner tube rubber. It's very tough and feels very durable. I'm very impressed by the included accessories.

Getting into the most crucial part about the Atrio M5, the sound quality. For the asking price of $199, the Atrio M5 do not disappoint in sound quality not one bit and have one of the best quality sound performance in the $200 price range. The dynamic drivers produce a warm sound with incredible deep and full bass that when in demand, can get the job done and it will leave you wanting to keep on listening. Highs sound very clear and vocals sound crisp, almost life-like. Instrument separation is very detailed overall. After a long time using and listening to various music with the Atrio M5, I found them to be well balanced with pronounced bass that isn't overpowering which results in an overall clear and detailed sound. To say that I'm impressed by the sound quality the Atrio M5 can produce is an understatement. They are my new favorite everyday pair of earphones.

The Atrio M5 may not look like a supermodel or have the best build quality, they sound exceptionally good. Hey, you may even like the curvy design yourself. If you're looking for a pair of in-ears that has the power of producing near-studio quality sound, I think the Atrio M5 may be a well deserved winner here. Future Sonics has got the sound quality down right, though they do need to improve on the build quality and looks that's for sure. At $199, while a little on the expesnive side, the Atrio M5's sound performance surpasses similarly priced brands like Shure and others.