ModulR iPad 2 Case Anywhere Pack Review

We finally got the chance to review ModulR's new iPad 2 case system. Much has changed since ModulR first started out making their case and its modular accessories for the first gen iPad, but the concept has stayed the same throughout the years. Gone is the bulky first gen ModulR case and is now replaced by a much slimmer, lightweight and sleeker case to complement the iPad 2's thinner form factor. The new ModulR iPad 2 case still works with the older ModulR accessories, and ModulR has created a few new ones as well. ModulR has sent over their iPad 2 case bundled up with a few goodies for this review. You won't want to miss it, so go past the break for the full review!

The concept of having a case that can be used with various modular accessories to carry out different types of tasks is very satisfying. One big issues I had when I reviewed the ModulR case for the first gen iPad was the pricy price tag it had. I'm very happy that ModulR has changes that for the better this time around. While I really enjoyed this new concept, ModulR still had a few kinds to iron out. And that's exactly what they've done with the iPad 2 version. The new ModulR iPad 2 case feels much lighter and has a back, snap-on style to it that snaps onto the iPad 2 and does not add much bulk considering its got four little pegs that various ModulR accessories attach to. This time, the ModulR iPad 2 Case comes included with a handy hand strap that can be adjusted using a velcro strip. 

I've been using the Hand Strap in both portrait and landscape orientations and found it to be quite comfortable and very useful for getting a good grip of your iPad 2. It can even be used as an iPad 2 handle for when you want to carry it around with you. Both orientations work very well with the Hand Strap and feel like they are securely locked in place. ModulR offers a few different choices for you to choose from when purchasing a ModulR iPad 2 case. The ModulR iPad 2 Case with a Hand Strap comes in 3 different colors for $39.99. I wouldn't consider purchasing the case alone though. I've said that before as well because I think that if you're just looking for a simple and slim back protective case for your iPad 2, there are much better and more affordable choices out there.

Don't expect much protection out of the ModulR iPad 2 Case. Like any slim, back snap-on case, you only get minimal back protection with zero front protection. What's more is that the ModulR iPad 2 Case has both of its sides cut out which expose some of your iPad 2. There was absolutely no reason to leave the right side of the iPad 2 exposed though. The good news however, is that your iPad 2's buttons and ports will all be easily accessible while inside the case. The back camera cutout can be partially covered up depending on where you attach a ModulR accessory. You probably noticed that there is a big cutout on the back that shows off the iPad 2's Apple logo. For those of you who think that's tacky, the ModulR iPad 2 Case comes with an extra rounded piece of plastic that seals up that cutout for a cleaner look and a little more protection.

I do want to get all of the bad things I've got to say about the ModulR iPad 2 case out of the way before we get into some of the ModulR accessories in the review. There aren't many as I though there would be, thankfully. While the ModulR iPad 2 Case is indeed Smart Cover compatible, it completely hinders the landscape viewing stand useless. You will only be able to use your Smart Cover in the typing orientation. One thing you'll notice right away is how the glossy black parts of the case attract many fingerprints and scratches. Another drawback with the case itself is that it's tough to snap onto the iPad 2, and is equally tough to remove. Once you finally snap this case on, you won't even want to bother removing it. It's that tough. ModulR should immediately have this issue taken care of because other than this, the ModulR iPad 2 Case isn't all that bad. Every piece of ModulR accessory works flawlessly with the ModulR iPad 2 Case.

Moving onto what I think is one of the best ModulR accessory you can get for your ModulR iPad 2 Case, the Headrest Strap. With this neat little add-on you can easily turn your boring car ride into an incredible experience full of things to do. This is especially a fantastic accessory for the kids in the back to have as they can watch movies hands-free. The Headrest Strap works as advertised and lets you easily strap your ModulR Case incased iPad 2 onto the headrest of your car seat. Even the most bumpiest car ride you'll ever encounter won't cause your iPad 2 to move around. There was absolutely no annoying rattling noise or shaking while I was testing this awesome thing out. Forget about those little built-in headrest screens, the iPad 2 with its 10" screen and vast entertainment abilities only makes the ModulR case system a must buy if you're looking for such a solution.

Another accessory that is bundled up in the Anywhere Pack is the Slim Wall Mount, available in black, white and clear. One of the biggest improvements over the ModulR's older Slim Wall Mount is the compact size. The new Slim Wall Mount is now made out of plastic, but takes up a considerable less amount of space on a wall. It now looks like a little wall hanger and has a discrete mounting screw cover. Screws are included with the mount. Like the rest of the ModulR accessories that effortlessly let you attach your iPad 2, the Slim Wall Mount makes it easy to quickly slip your iPad 2 on your wall in both portrait and landscape orientations. The only problem I've found with this wall mount was that it felt much weaker in securing the iPad 2 in the landscape orientation. That's because the Slim Wall Mount does not fully surround the pegs and lock into place as it does in the portrait orientation. 

The Shoulder Strap would have to be my least favorite out of all the ModulR accessories for the ModulR iPad 2 Case. What makes it better though, is the included aluminum stylus which oddly enough is an AluPen knockoff. I'll get into the aluminum stylus later on. The Shoulder Strap is length adjustable and has a lightly padded shoulder pad. I personally don't think this is the most useful accessory out of the bunch, but if you're into shoulder straps, this one performs very well in carrying around your iPad 2.

Why did ModulR decide to include an aluminum stylus with the Shoulder Strap is beyond me. Maybe it's because a shoulder strap wasn't enough on its own. Whatever the case may be, the ModulR aluminum stylus isn't half bad. When compared against the thicker AluPen, the ModulR aluminum stylus feels much slimmer and more in the pencil form factor. The rubber tip is almost identical as well but is much smaller and may appeal to more people who like to use styluses. It works just as well as the AluPen but it feels cheaper due to its poor anodized aluminum finish. 

So there you have it. The ModulR iPad 2 Case in all its glory and accessories. Once again, the ModulR system is like no other and offers an very wide range of extremely useful options both you, others and your iPad 2 will greatly enjoy using. The more affordable price tag of $69.99 for the Anywhere Pack that bundles the ModulR iPad 2 Case with 3 ModulR accessories is a very appetising deal if you're going to make the best of all of those accessories. Purchasing things separately doesn't make much sense and is pricier. If you're going to go modular, the Anywhere Pack package is the way to go.