WaterField Designs Muzetto Portable Leather Bag for iPad Review

Our good friends over at WaterField Designs in sunny San Francisco, sent over their very popular Muzetto portable leather bag in the 10" configuration suitable for the iPad 2 and iPad. The Muzetto comes in various sizes and color schemes to best suit your needs. I've heard so many positive things about the Muzetto bag but never actually got to try one out for myself and see what all the fuss is about. Well now, it's that time and I'm excited to share this brilliant piece of bag with you. Check out the full review right after the break. 

Upon taking the Muzetto out of its clear packaging, I immediately knew why this bag is so popular. It's an amazing bag that bares the high quality you would expect coming from WaterField. I have a pretty good experience with WaterField's products and every single one of their products are well priced and match if not exceed their quality in terms of price. The Muzetto is designed with great smelling, naturally tanned leather that feels smooth yet very durable. One of the main reasons why you would want to go with the Muzetto bag is because it's made with leather, lots and lots of leather. WaterField didn't cut back on the Muzetto and constructed it from leather all around except for that green part which is their ballistic nylon and the insides.

There are no clasps or zippers that you need to unlock in order to get to the main compartment. The flap is the only thing keeping your iPad secured inside and it's heavy so the weight holds it shut all the time. I love the ease of use and quick access to that main compartment of the Muzetto. 

Besides the main compartment, there are two more compartments including a zippered one and a microfiber lined compartment to store small gadgets like your iPod, iPhone and other phones. There is enough room to store your iPad with a case on like WaterField's Smart Case and Slip Case or an iPad 2 with a Smart Cover on. Additionally, you can store your cables and power bricks in the smaller compartments. 

The golden interior is actually a very useful color because it helps you see all your small stuff deep inside so that you can quickly pull whatever you need without having to use a flashlight like those other bags with black interiors. It's those little things that make the Muzetto bag so wonderful to use everyday. 

Let's not forget about the large compartment on the back side which is great for storing paperwork and tech magazines, and it too is lined with that golden colored fabric.

The craftsmanship of the Muzetto is second to none. It feels very sturdy and durable and that leather will hold up very well over the years. The type of leather used on the Muzetto is absolutely gorgeous looking and it will further look better and better after each day when it rubs and gets scuffed. You will notice your Muzetto bag will take on a more unique character after the time because of how this leather reacts. You want leather? You got it. But beware that all this good looking, smelling leather will come at a cost of weight. The weight of the portable Muzetto isn't anything alarming to a guy but it may be a little heavy once you add you iPad and some other stuff to it.

The attention to detail is very impressive to say the least. I haven't seen such good stitching on most bags. Very well done. I loved the color combination used here, the black leather with the green accent is just perfect for my liking. It's a good thing there are many accent colors to choose from and only black or brown leather colors and that's good enough for me.

Carrying the Muzetto around couldn't be any more comfortable. It's the perfect portable size to match the iPad and it's very easy to handle. The shoulder pad will make carrying your stuff around a pleasure and your neck will appreciate it even more if you decide to use the shoulder strap around your neck. Would I dare say this is one of the best leather bags around? In a heartbeat, yes. WaterField never disappoints. Price $199.