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The Best Wireless Portable Speakers: The Definitive Guide

How on earth are you supposed to find a good quality wireless speaker when there's so many choices available? Luckily, you're not all alone because we're here to help you out. Convenience is key when considering a wireless Bluetooth portable speaker, but not every one of these well known brands actually puts out a solid package. Every speaker under the sun boasts how well it sounds when in reality you could end up using a speaker that really isn't as good as the next one over.

That's why we've created this special Gadgetmac Guide edition to help you with purchasing the best wireless portable speaker your money can buy. With a bit of audiophile juice running in our veins, we have managed to separate the ordinary from the extraordinary using our extensive experience handling these small noise making devices all whilst taking sound quality, design and user-friendly features into consideration. Split into two price categories, this guide lists the top best speakers you can take with you wherever you go, but not without having the intense power-to-size ratio needed to blast your tunes as well as the right performance that'll make your ears beg for more of that wireless audio goodness. Jump past the break for the full rundown!

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Our Top 15 Favorite Slim iPhone 5 Cases: The Ultimate Guide

In this special Gadgetmac Guide we find the best of the best, the top of the top in slim protective cases made just for the iPhone 5. Since our last popular guide where we covered some of the best iPhone 5 cases we thought were available at the time, comes yet another informative case guide covering the sleekest options available. It includes slim, minimalist, ultra-thin cases and even one particular case with an epic, fresh twist.

If you're looking for that special case that'll accentuate the slimness of your iPhone 5, this is the type of guide that is exclusive to any case that isn't considered to bulk up the iPhone 5's sexy lines. We've searched and searched, so you won't have to. Our favorite slim iPhone 5 cases have been picked, plucked, and stuffed into one skinny guide of awesomeness. The full roundup is waiting for you down below!

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Our Top Favorite iPad Mini Cases: The Ultimate Guide

In this edition of the Gadgetmac Guide, we are rounding up all of our top favorite cases for the new iPad mini in one easy-to-browse guide so you won't have to waste too much precious time searching for a good protective case, sleeve, skin or even that perfect screen protector. There aren't many worthy options currently available, but we did our best to find the ones that count. It's all here, from inexpensive and just about excusably affordable to pricy. So be sure to make the leap past the break for our full roundup!

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Our Top Favorite iPhone 5 Cases: The Ultimate Guide

Welcome to another installment of the Gadgetmac Guide! Every now and then we like to compile a list of all the best, top and favorite cases for a new device that comes along. Now that the iPhone 5 is out and in your hands, you probably want to get yourself a protective case, wallet case, sleeve or skin, especially if you haven't grabbed Apple's AppleCare+ accidental protection plan. If an awesome case is what you're looking for, then we're here to help you find just that! Clickety clack that magical button below to enter our ultimate list of our top favorite rugged - daily driver - ultra slim - and scratch protective iPhone 5 cases and skins.

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Top 5 Best iPhone 4S Wallet Cases

Welcome to yet another installment of the Gadgetmac Guide! This time we're bringing you some of the best unisex wallet cases for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S we think are worthy enough for you to trust in with not only your iPhone, but with your hard earned money. iPhone wallet cases may not appeal to everyone, but they're a great way to carry exactly what you need without the additional bulk and minimize the chance of you forgetting to take one or the other when you leave the house. Putting everything you got into one place sure is convenient, what could possibly go wrong? Be sure to head over past the break for the full rundown!

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Top 5 Best Aluminum iPhone 4 Bumpers 

We aren't afraid to say that we've seen and tested our fair share of aluminum iPhone 4 bumper cases here on Gadgetmac. There's something about the solid CNC machined, cold metal feeling a lot of you love about these bumpers that make some drop considerable amounts of cash on these just for the luxurious good looks some of these aluminum bumpers have to offer. With growing amounts of options and very little time to waste searching for that perfect aluminum bumper for your already ridiculously well engineered iPhone 4 (some say otherwise), we've put together a guide with out top 5 best aluminum bumper cases out there that we think are worth your attention and possibly even your hard earned cash.

Curious as to what out top 5 best choices are? Well, you can jump past that break to see for yourself! It's not hard, click the button below... You can do it!

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Top 10 Sleeves, Cases & More for Your HP TouchPad

So you just got a brand spanking new HP TouchPad, did you? Don't worry, you're not alone. Who wouldn't want to get a tablet like the TouchPad for the insane liquidation price points! Now that there are many new TouchPad owners out there thanks to the incredibly low fire sales, you probably want to take care of your cheap investment. That's exactly why we've put together this guide to help you do exactly that. After days of researching and countless coffees later, we've come up with a list of the top 10 best solutions you can pick from to protect your new WebOS running TouchPad tablet. HP might have killed it off, but you definitely don't want to be as cruel.

So jump past the break for the full list of some of the best cases, sleeves and more to help keep your TouchPad scratch and ding-free.

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Top 5 Best Protective iPad 2 Cases Guide

Welcome to yet another Gadgetmac Guide where we try to help you pick the best case for your mobile gadget. This time we're talking iPad 2 protectiveness. There is a very limited selection of extremely protective cases for the iPad 2. We hand picked some of the best options out there and concentrated them all in one guide so you can pick out the best case that's available now to keep your iPad 2 protected against those awful accidental drops, dirt and those rainy days. If you're overly protective, this guide is for you! So jump over that break for the full guide!

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