Dosh Luxe 3 & Luxe Collab Wallets Hands-On

One thing is for sure, we all need a wallet to keep our money in until the time comes to purchase our next gadget. We took a look at a few different kinds of card wallets in the past, and today we have yet another wallet treat for you made by an Australian company called Dosh. Dosh makes a few different types of wallets made out of future-proof materials, we're going to review two that are pretty much the most kick ass wallets I've ever used. Be prepared, because your wallet is about to shave off some of its cash reserves.

When you get yourself a Dosh wallet, it'll come inside this clear hard shell capsule packaging that's both very impressive and a useful accessory in its own right. Picking a style out of the vast Dosh wallet collection isn't an easy task, but at least there's a color and style available for just about anyone on planet earth and beyond. Dosh makes all of its wallets in house in Sydney, Australia. For this review, we've got our hands on the Luxe 3 Card series wallet in Turismo3 orange/gray along with the Collab Stab edition from the Luxe 6 Card series wallet in black featuring graphic art.

Dosh wallets are so up-to-date, they pretty much look like concepts wallets. Much like concept cars, these are those kind of wallets you'd never think would see the day of light only because they look so damn awesome. What are these made out of you ask? Say goodbye to leather, nylon and fabric wallets. What you're looking at are wallets made out of a Desmopan material that makes these wallets water-resistant and durable enough to withstand heavy everyday wear and tear. It feels and looks like rubber in person, however the entire wallet feels rather solid with very little flex characteristics. The surface has a smooth yet grainy texture to it that attracts very little lint that can easily be wiped off.

I was expected a strong smell of cheap plastic but was pleasantly surprised to smell no smell whatsoever. Although these Dosh wallets are made out of polymer, they feel very well made inside and out.

Like all great things, these wallets don't carry a cheap nor affordable price tag at $95 a piece. Some would even say these are very expensive, and while that is pretty much true being that the Dosh wallets aren't made out of leather and other premium materials, you are getting excellent quality and overall a well designed wallet unlike any other. You should have seen my face full of excitement when I pulled the Collab Stab wallet out of the packaging. I looked like a little kid at an Apple store. Of course, some may not fancy this particular style on a wallet but you can't deny the sheer uniqueness of the fact. Each time I whip my Dosh out to pay for an overpriced cup of coffee I get complimented. Sadly, not because of my good looks.

If I ever had a wallet that I liked more it would have to be the FlipSide 2X. Not only is that wallet fantastic and has won our Editors' Choice award, but it's the sort of wallet any tech-savvy geek would love to use. The Dosh Luxe wallet in comparison is much more like a traditional wallet being that its slim-shaped and easily pocketable for back pocket carry. Sit on it and you won't even notice its there. And that's even if you stuff it to its fullest capacity. 

Other than a few pairs of Ugg slippers that I've managed to accumulate over a short period of time because of how great they are, I've never owned anything else from the land down under that I love more. That all changed when these downright kick ass wallets arrived at my door. The Collab Stab in particular, that's the colorful one again, went straight into my pants pockets as my now every day wallet. As you can tell, I love me some eye popping color in my stuff. Boring objects don't cut it for me. With the being said, No matter which Dosh wallet you look at, there's something interesting going on. Granted the design esthetic here is very modern and laid back but at the same time it's extremely urban-like. 

The Luxe 6 Card wallet (Collab Stab model shown above) evidently holds up to 6 cards at once, three on either side. Being that this wallet is designed as a card wallet, it won't hold small change but it will keep upwards of 20 single bills whilst retaining a slim, manageable profile. There's a slim and unobtrusive metal money clip dead center that keeps all the bills neat and tidy. If some get in your way while you're looking for a card, simply turn them over to one side and you're all set. It definitely takes some getting used to if you haven't used a similar layout in a wallet, that includes myself. After only a few days with the Luxe 6 Card wallet I found that I've gotten used to it rather quickly and couldn't see myself using another wallet.

Personal preference does pay a big role here though so that's something to keep in mind. I'm not much of a money clip fan, however, the one fitted in this wallet actually works well and is far superior than most. Bills from USD, AUD and KRW will fit just perfectly inside these wallets without extending out the sides.

My only concern with these types of wallets is how easy it would be pulling out a credit card or my ID if I get into trouble. Both of these Luxe 3 and Luxe 6 wallets have slide-loading card slots that make pulling out a card quick and easy. Three cards line up in sync on top of each other and I was even able to load my Moo business cards which are larger than your ordinary businass card. I couldn't do so with the FlipSide 2X.

The Dosh Luxe 3 Card wallet is the same in every way as the Luxe 6 Card except for it only boasts three card slots on one side while on the other it has a robust brushed metal money clip for those who don't carry much around but would like their money clip to be more buff. And that's exactly what the Luxe 3 is going to give you, albeit I'd much prefer to use the more petit version that the Luxe 6 Card has which also extends outwards behind the spine adding even more style. 

Which ever one you should go with, you cannot go wrong with either of these Dosh wallets. All you need to ask yourself is if you think these are good enough looking to you in order for you to spend that $95. Because other than that, the Luxe series of wallets are one of the most amazing polymer wallets you'll find. And on that bombshell, we leave you with the hard decision making. Dosh makes epic magical wallets. Literally.