Flipside 2X Wallet Hands-On

Over the years I've used countless wallets, leather and plastic alike and while most of the leather wallets I used held up well, the plastic ones lasted only a few months. The biggest problem with ordinary wallets is that they just take up to much space and become bulky. The Flipside 2X wallet seems to come from an entirely different species of wallets you don't see every day, and it also stands out to the geek inside us.

The Flipside 2X wallet flips and opens up to the full extent so that it's very comfortable to reach all your cards and insert/take out the ones you need quickly and with ease. A notable feature that the Flipeside 2X has is an RFID blocking shield that keeps your information safe if your cards have smart chips inside of them. Not only will your information be safe and secure, the Flipside 2X's tough construction insures that your cards will never get bent where as using a normal wallet does sometimes bend up plastic cards. We really love the compact design that the Flipside 2X wallet has to offer, and the fact that it allows you to carry you most used cards with you at all times without using up unnecessary space. Normal wallets are too bulky and have a lot of padding that is wasting a lot of space while the Flipside 2X wallet perfectly fits cards and bills and matches their size.

After just a couple of minutes, we fell in love with the Flipside 2X wallet. I personally never used any out-of-the-ordinary wallets before, and when I first held the Flipside 2X it felt so compact and I immediately got myself familiarized with it. The Flipside 2X has a spring loaded lock mechanism that opens up quickly by a press of a button. Pressing the button-release to open up the Flipside 2X feels very solid every time you press it so I can imagine it will be reliable for years to come. Over the back, the Flipside 2X has a removable external clip that I later found out can be used for business card and various notes. At first I thought it was a built clip which actually worked well though it isn't a smart idea to use it as such.

Getting into the inside compartment of the Flipside 2X you will find two card slots that both can incase three cards each. Sliding in cards couldn't be easier, however sliding in a third card requires a little down force on top of the other two cards that are already inside the slot in order to slide in a third card. The cards fit precisely inside the card slots and are held in place very securely by two side rubber rails. You can mix and match between your cards, there is no one way of setting up your cards with the Flipside 2X. I happened to like having my ID/driver's license situated over on the left hand side. 

Bills are stored in the second compartment that you flip over and can hold about 12 crisp bills. Everything is stored very neatly inside of the Flipside 2X wallet without moving around. Your cards and bills are so organized and easy to get to. The only thing the Flipside 2X cannot carry is coins, for that you will just need to use your pocket. For someone who usually uses cards all the time, I'm in love with this wallet and as of now it's my daily preferred wallet. 

The 2X is available in 6 attractive colors - black, gray, white, orange, green and blue. The Flipside 2X is a wonderful wallet we love using. Price $39.95.