CanvasPop Instagram Canvas Prints Hands-On

Instagram is one of those photo sharing apps that has caught a wild cult following of just about every smartphone user. Instagram's powerful array of enhancing filters make your already good looking photos look all the more picturesque. Some turn out so great that they're worthy of being proudly displayed on your wall for ever to be admired. It's just so happens that CavasPop is here to help you put your best digital Instagrams on canvas using its effortless print service.

CanvasPop's PicturePerfect technology promises your full-out filtered Instagram photos to look crisp without pixelation on canvas even if you're using a low-resolution image. We've gone ahead and put CanvasPop's claim to fame to the test in our in-depth hands-on!

Turning your Instagram photos into wall art is as quick and easy as 1-2-3. The process isn't done thru your smartphone or the Instagram app, but instead done straight thru the CanvasPop Instagram page. You have the option to choose from two canvas sizes, a small 12"x12" square canvas at $40 - or the larger 20"x20" square canvas at $114 which is the one we're reviewing here. The 20"x20" canvas print is definitely expensive for its size, and it isn't going to fill a large, blank wall very well obviously. The much smaller 12"x12" canvas size is suitable for comprising multiple extension that make up a larger and creative wall art pattern or to be hung on a small piece of wall space so that it doesn't look ridiculous out of place. It's up to you and your budget of course. CanvasPop prints your Instagram photos on 20x20 perfectly squared thick, frameless canvas with real solid wood internal frame base, and then ships it to you inside a well protected cardboard packaging.

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