Exotac nanoStriker & Matchcap Hands-On

More often than not we tend to pass on survival gear as if they aren't necessary every day carry items. We dislike most survival gear because of their inconvenient, boring and tasteless design that we would never want to carry around on a daily basis. Luckily there are companies out there like Exotac that take design very seriously as if they weren't making survival gear at all, but instead each and every one of Exotac's products have an intriguing smart designs anyone would mistake them for something they aren't. Exotec's fire starters look oh so good, but do they really work when put to the test?

Starting with Exotac's most wanted fire starter, the nanoStriker, we're presented with a well put together package that's stocked with a few extras like extra orange rubber O-rings, a metal keychain ring adapter as well as a nice long wrist lanyard paracord you can use to attach the nanoStriker to various objects instead of attaching it to your keys. There are two holes at both ends that will fit both methods of attachments that fit your needs. Very smart of Exotac to put these small features that make the nanoStriker all that more useful and comfortable to carry around with you. The nanoStriker comes in a few different anodized aluminum colors that have a refined texture and finish that really looks sharp. It'll run you only $26.95, however the quality screams a whole lot more.

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