Apple Magic Trackpad Gets FCC Approval?


The mysterious "Magic Trackpad" that got leaked a day before WWDC, has apparently gotten FCC approval according to Engadget. This is because on the FCC approval database, there seems to be a brand new product from Apple that seems to be the "Magic Trackpad" that has been rumoured since the leaked images on June 6th.

A device known only by its model number A1339 is the culprit here, described as a "Bluetooth Device" used in conjunction with a MacBook without any associated filings for WiFi or WWAN networks. The ultra-rough label location diagram is definitely the right shape for the accessory, and what's interesting is that the test report was completed way back in October of 2009. 

Another thing is that if you look very close at the leaked image of the device, there is the model number A1339, which means that that Engadget has probably got it found the right product in the FFC database.

The release date for the "Magic Trackpad" is unknown, but could be coming in the very near future given the timing of previous FCC approvals for other devices. 



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Source Engadget | X-VerseFCC