Charge Your Gadgets With Solar Power

Now you can have power for your gadgets where ever you go with the Orange (not juice) portable solar charger by JOOS. This waterproof and ultra durable portable solar charger packs a 5,400mAh replaceable battery that fully charges in direct sunlight in 12 hours. You don't even have to wait for the internal battery to charge up, you can just plug in your device and start charging immediately thank to the sun's free energy. The JOOS Orange has a built-in kickstand on the back to help you capture the sun's energy. What's great about this portable solar charger is that you don't actually need to have a bright sunny day in order for it to fully function, the Orange will work great even in overcast and cloudy days.

JOOS claims that the Orange is the best performing solar portable charger on the market, now we want to try it out! While the Orange will not be able to charge your laptop, it will be able to charge most of your smaller gadgets. JOOS lets you track the performance of your Orange by connecting it to a computer and using the JOOS app. At $99.95 this seems like a good deal. Hit up the source link for all the details.

Source JOOS

Nir Schneider