Apple's iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case Is Unexpectedly Ugly


Fashionably late to the accessory game as always, Apple has finally gotten around to making an official battery case for the iPhone. It took Apple nearly two years to come up with this rather ugly design for an iPhone battery case. Apple's newly released Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 is essentially one of Apple's protective Silicone Cases with a battery attached to the back in the form of a raised bump. Not exactly what you would expect from Apple's sleek design prowess isn't it.

Apple has indeed sacrificed aesthetics for a slimmer profile by using this gaudy humpback battery design rather than a seamless tapered integration found on most other third party battery cases, which would have otherwise increased the thickness of the case by gradually spreading parts of the battery across the whole back. But we bet it'll still feel great in the hand given that the grippy soft silicone material and smooth rounded edges of the Smart Battery Case.

The Smart Battery Case features a pass-through Lightning port of course so you can use your lightning connector cable to charge the case and sync your iPhone all at once. It can even be charged using a dock, preferably on Apple's own or on a HiRise. Apple isn't sharing the battery capacity specs but it does claim to increase talk time by up to 25 hours, video playback by up to 20 hours, and LTE internet usage by up to 18 hours - which is already slightly more than what Mophie's cheapest and slimmest Juice Pack Reserve case offers at just $60.

Unlike third party battery cases, the Smart Battery Case will show its precise remaining battery status on the lock screen and in Notification Center. And no, there isn't once available for the iPhone 6s Plus. But you can pick one up in white or in charcoal gray for $100.